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customize Explorer in Windows 10

How to customize Explorer in Windows 10

Windows File Explorer, popularly known as just Explorer is the heart of Windows UI. Every interaction you make with files, and folders are through Explorer. As the OS has evolved, so did the File Explorer, and in this guide, we […]

Fix Slow loading Downloads folder in Windows 10

Do you face this issue where Downloads or any other library folder opens slow as compared to other folders? This is a common problem and is faced by users even if they are using the latest hardware like SSDs. If […]

How to enable or disable Numerical Sorting in File Explorer

The Windows File Explorer is the near-perfect example of how a File Management software should be. I know many people are demanding for a UWP or Universal Windows Platform version of the same, but actually, the Windows Classic app for […]

Fix Dark Mode not working for Windows Explorer

Dark Mode not working for Windows File Explorer

It seems the recent Windows 10 Feature update 1809 doesn’t work well with the Windows Explorer for some. Many users are complaining that either the text in the explorer is not white while others are reported that Windows Explorer is […]

Enable Dark Mode for File Explorer & other Apps in Windows 10

Windows 10 v1809 introduces a lot of new features and improvements which have been covered in detail at TheWindowsClub. One of the most anticipated features that were introduced in this update was Dark Mode for Windows File Explorer. Enable Dark […]

Best Windows File Explorer Tips and Tricks for Windows 10

Windows OS comes with an inbuilt File Explorer which everyone uses on a daily basis. Even though there are many Explorer alternatives available, the default files explorer remains the most used mostly because it’s pretty much straightforward and easy to […]

windows file explorer not opening

File Explorer will not open in Windows 10

When File Explorer crashes or freezes, in Windows 10, it is a huge issue – mainly because the File Explorer has almost all the usable data. At times, it doesn’t display the option, when the user tries to launch explorer.exe to […]

3D Objects Folder windows 10

Remove 3D Objects folder under This PC in Windows 10

When you upgrade to Windows10 v1709, you will find a new entry 3D Objects under Folders in This PC of File Explorer. The folder has been included as a Library and appears by default – and it is the default […]