How to fix various OneDrive errors on Windows 10

OneDrive client for Windows 10, at times, may throw up errors which will be accompanied by error codes to help us troubleshoot and fix the issue. Today, we will be checking out how to fix various OneDrive errors. Here’s how to fix OneDrive Error Codes 1, 2, 6, 0x8001007, 0x8004de40, 0x8004de85 or 0x8004de8a, 0x8004def0, 0x8004def7, 0x8004de90, 0x80070005.

Fix OneDrive errors on Windows 10

We will be covering the potential fixes for the following OneDrive error codes:

  1. Error Code 1.
  2. Error Code 2.
  3. Error Code 6.
  4. Error Code 0x8001007.
  5. Error Code 0x8004de40.
  6. Error Code 0x8004de85 or 0x8004de8a.
  7. Error Code 0x8004def0.
  8. Error Code 0x8004def7.
  9. Error Code 0x8004de90.
  10. Error Code 0x80070005.
  11. Error Code 0x80070005 when settings up Known Folder Move in OneDrive for Business.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of OneDrive – which you can download by clicking here.

1] OneDrive Error Code 1

This error code does not have any specific root cause. But still, we have certain checks that we can perform to verify if everything is working good.

From the System Tray, click on either of the Blue or White OneDrive icon.

Now click on View Online from the Activity Center that you get. Check if that redirects you to the right page.

2] OneDrive Error Code 2

This error refers to the scenario when OneDrive is facing some authentication issues in fetching your account details from the server.

You can reverify if your Email address and Password combinations are correct and relogin to OneDrive on your computer.

3] OneDrive Error Code 6

This error occurs when the connection to the server is timed out. There can be many factors resulting in this error.

You can check your Internet Connection. Use a different one and see.

You can also check the status of Microsoft Office Online Services.

Rebooting your device can also be of great help.

An issue of authentication with Outlook or Outlook People might also be experiencing an error, and you can wait and try again in some time.

4] OneDrive Error Code 0x80010007

Error Code 0x80010007 triggers when there are issues in syncing between the device and the OneDrive servers.

The workaround for this issue is simple and straightforward.

You have to unlink and then re-setup your account on the particular device.

On Windows 10, you can select either the white or blue OneDrive icon to launch the Activity Center.

Now click on More and then select Settings.

Finally, select Unlink this PC.

You will get the Welcome to OneDrive wizardFollow the on-screen instructions to proceed further.

5] OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40

This error usually occurs when OneDrive on Windows 10 is having issues in connecting to the servers.

The only thing that you can do now, is to check your internet connection and reverify if you are on a reliable network.

Switching network can also emerge as a workaround.

6] OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de85 or 0x8004de8a

Error Code 0x8004de85 or 0x8004de8a triggers when there are issues in matching your sign in details with the OneDrive servers.

The workaround for this issue is that you have to check and fix your account details on the particular device.

On Windows 10, you can select either the white or blue OneDrive icon to launch the Activity Center.

Now click on More and then select Settings.

Under the tab called Account, check if the correct OneDrive account details are displayed.

7] OneDrive Error Code 0x8004def0

The Error Code 0x8004def0 mostly occurs if the password has been changed from another source.

This may happen if an organization forces the users to change their password every 60 days or something.

You can try using the Web version of your Outlook or Office 365 services and use the same password to log in again.

8] OneDrive Error Code 0x8004def7

This error code will always trigger when your OneDrive account has been frozen or been suspended. You will have to contact Microsoft.

9] OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de90

The partial setup of a OneDrive account results in this error.

All you can do is re-setup your account.

You can do it by searching for OneDrive in the Search box and then follow the on-screen instructions to get it set up right.

10] OneDrive Error Code 0x80070005

This error triggers when there are issues with OneDrive’s updates being installed.

For that, you and first get the latest Windows Updates from the Settings Apps by selecting the Check for updates button.

After all the latest updates have been installed, hit the WINKEY + R button combinations to launch the Run utility.

Inside the text field, enter the following,


And hit Enter.

Run the file named as OneDriveSetup.exe to install the latest version of OneDrive downloaded on your computer.

11] Error Code 0x80070005 when settings up Known Folder Move in OneDrive for Business

This error is caused on OneDrive for Business only and due to a misconfiguration in the Group Policy Editor.

To fix it, hit the WINKEY + R button combination to launch the Run utility, type in gpedit.msc and hit Enter. Once Group Policy Editor opens, navigate to the following setting-

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Desktop


Fix OneDrive errors

Now, on the right side panel and double click on Prohibit User from manually redirecting Profile Folders and set the radio button to Not Configured for it.

This policy prevents users from changing the path to their profile folders. By default, a user can change the location of their individual profile folders like Documents, Music etc. by typing a new path in the Locations tab of the folder’s Properties dialog box. If you enable this setting, users are unable to type a new location in the Target box.

Exit the Group Policy Editor and then reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

Also, your Administrator might have restricted you from performing this operation. You can contact them for more information about this too.

Did you find the fix that you were looking for?

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