Desktop or Explorer does not refresh automatically in Windows 10


  1. Now fixed. Hi ppl, i had the same problem.
    I just go to folder option move some options , and an reset all menu by default.
    Now auto-refresh work 🙂

  2. hey evry 1 i have a problem but this 1 is deifrent let me tell u
    1st up on the desktop itself i may have click refresh to much by accident but anyways i think now all it dose is refreshes desktop and internet explorer as well for
    all the websites if any1 has any salutions let me know pls

  3. Thnx dude, worked for me. I did: Organize > Folder and search options > Clicked on restore defaults button and since then it worked again 😀

  4. Here is an incredibly simple solution that worked forme. It may work for you as well:

    – In Windows Explorer: choose Tools, Folder Options > Click the Search tab
    > Check or uncheck ANY option

    – Apply.

    – If this solves your problem, you can revert to your original setting and the
    problem will remain solved.

    Microsoft obfuscates this problem by instructing you to delete your profile, update your bios, disable your antivirus, reverting to a restore point, etc. If the incredibly simple solution above helps just one person avoid the Microsoft nonsense, it is well worth the time cross-posting this solution to a few popular sites.

    Microsoft should have identified and solved this problem four years ago. This incredibly simple solution clearly demonstrates why Microsoft Windows Explorer should not be trusted for the management of sensitive documents for law enforcement, health care, national security and other critical industries.

  5. The title of this article is “Desktop does not refresh automatically in Windows 7 | 8”. Perhaps you should consider changing it. While you’re at it, you might want to include the fix mentioned by Truth101 and tralala as that one does actually work.

  6. Worked. Even simpler than the regfix (and my registry do not seem to have the key anyway).

    Pretty ridiculous bug, especially if this is still in Win8 too.

  7. This one fix mine .. Thank you very much !
    And also how this error occur ? So for next time I can prevent it. 😀

  8. There might be several reasons for this but I doubt that’s one of the them. I have Intel HD4000 and had this issue.

  9. This fixed it for me:

    Open explorer –> right click on Documents –> in the documents library pane click the Restore Defaults button –> click Apply
    Problem solved 🙂

  10. Alright I have windows 7 pro and the refresh works but when you are in a folder and you deleted or move an item it keeps it there but moves it. When I refresh the page it takes it away then and makes me think that auto refresh doesn’t work because it should automatically remove it from view. I went to regedit and found dontrefresh and change the value but still no fix to the problem. I was not using internet explorer at all until the above said to go to it but still when I load explorer up and when I click on tools on the right hand side of the browser window it gives me a lot of options but not a folder option. I went to internet properties and went to advance and did a restore default which to be honest I think was useless since this is the first time I had ever used explorer and I know it isn’t the culprit…

  11. The problem most are having is not being able to find the DWORD reference which appears in Windows XP, and the Don’t Refresh option which appears in Windows Ultimate, in both operating systems registry.

    The reality is this;

    Those who do not have Windows Ultimate for either 7 or 8 (or even Windows XP with the DWORD reference) are not going to be able to use what ANYONE here has said in these comments for a solution, and the same would be for a Microsoft Article, or quick hotfix.

    I use a legitimate version of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, and believe me I have tried every single solution and every possibility of a solution, and nothing has worked. Everything from hotfixes to forum posts. There is no reason that this software should not work correctly when all the patches and updates have been applied correctly. I have even used an elevated ‘sfc’ option within dos, and nothing has repaired or fixed. I have even reinstalled all the patches, and repaired the Windows 7 Professional install from it’s base. I keep getting the same repetitive problem. I even went as far as INCLUDING the dontrefresh option within the registry with the correct value and still nothing.

    So everyone, if you are NOT using Windows Ultimate 7 or 8, take the responsible approach and IGNORE the idiots on here who do not comprehend the difference in registries. If they BARK at you and tell you you are wrong, you clearly are not wrong and they are full of themselves in not realizing there is a different registry structure! I run multiple computers with multiple operating systems at just the house (Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8) and I can assure you that even though some have solved this problem for themselves, they don’t realize that their fix does not work for every version of Windows. They have the mentality that every version of windows is the same today as it was when XP had similarly different versions, which is not the case today!

  12. Just right click on desktop –> Click Personalize –> Click Change desktop icons –> Restore default & OK

    This solved for me.

  13. Maybe i have a fix for that.
    Click my computer right click and select manage
    Then go to services and find the Desktop window manager session manager service.
    Open properties and choose allow service to interact with Desktop.
    I’m testing that.So far so good.
    I didn’t saw this solution somewhere else so let’s see.

  14. In Windows 10 – latest build still have this problem, along with a Desktop icon appearing at random. I did not see the Folder Options fix in the Guest comment so I added the registry key.
    Now when I print this windowsclub page it appears instantly on the desktop.

    Just navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID and just look for dontrefresh.
    If use Find, save time and uncheck Values, Data boxes.

  15. If a “network drive” is mapped or a “network location” is added to “My Computer”, you might experience this problem when that network source is unreachable or slow to react to your PC’s queries. If this is the case and the computer does not belong to someone else (e.g. work, school) you can simply delete these network drives and/or locations from “My Computer”. This is the solution that worked for me.

    Note: In my case, in addition to desktop and folder icons not refreshing instantly, file operations like copying, moving, deleting, etc. were slower than usual. Even deleting a file as small as half a kilobyte took more than a second. These types of things may indicate that your problem is related to network locations/drives.

  16. For Windows 10, it’s now called File Explorer. So, go to Start > File Explorer > File > Change folder and search options > Click the Search tab > Check or uncheck any option and apply.

    However, in my case, this didn’t work.

  17. Thats a really good advice! For me it was the problem that I have
    network locations linked in my quick access bar (sidebar in windows 10
    explorer). Removing them from there seems to fix the problem right now

  18. Removing a Network Location to an unresponsive server worked. BTW, I have now been told the date when this network server was decommissioned, and the date corresponds to when I started experiencing my icons not refreshing, so I’m confident that it was the cause of the problem.
    In my case, I couldn’t even right click on the Network Location, so I had to open a command prompt and then delete the items I found in: cd “%appdata%MicrosoftWindowsNetwork Shortcuts”

  19. I can’t create and I don’t have permision to write, only read. If i want change to FULL permision it is imposible.,

  20. Same here. Running Windows 10 follows the instructions to search for “dontrefresh” and it just kept searching forever never returned any results.

  21. What in the WORLD is the USE of DONTREFRESH ??
    Just as DUMB as a regisdtry entry that has a name neverpoweron = 1
    haha Dumb shit!

  22. “If you do not see it, create it and give it a value 0.” You can’t create it if you don’t tell us where to create it…

  23. I was not able to locate the registry entry. It does not appear to exist. I had this problem, but it turned out to be Malware. Malwarebytes found it right away. The odd part is it exists same problem in Windows 7 also. This was a fresh clean install of Windows 10, so I see that Windows 10 built in protection is not enough to assure it from happening. I was also having tons of issues with older software 32 bit hanging and crashing. But today, after doing Malwarebytes full can and Remove Selected, everything is all back to normal. Now I suggest doing a registry backup and schedule it for daily and so you can restore if needed. Then once you are running well I have to suggest you use Macrium Reflect or Acronis or whatever you trust for a full backup of your computer, keeping this Master copy and then do a second copy after you get your applications and all your world the way you want it. Also I personally reccomend turning OFF Hibernation, then maybe turning it back on at some future date. You can search out how to do that on Google that is not the topic here anyhow.

  24. (Win 7/64-b) I realize this is such an old topic, but I recently solved my issue with a solution I didn’t see anywhere I had been looking online. The problem was that a folder opened from pinned to Taskbar would open a window that showed the location as “Library/Documents/Folder”, and it would have the refresh issue while in this window. If I opened the same folder but from it’s actual directory of “C:/User/username/My Documents/Folder”, the refresh issue wasn’t there.

    I had previously removed the “My Documents” folder from the Library list, I forget why, but I thought it was a good idea at the time. This was the whole issue, unfortunately. I added the default locations of “My Documents” back to the Library, et voila, back in business with my new folders showing up as I create them and everything.

    Now, I’m not saying this is my fault entirely, since there’s no reason that the pinned folder should open as a Library location when I don’t even have “My Documents” included as a Library location… So it’s still some deeper issue going on, but hopefully this can help anyone else at least a little bit.BTW, I tried all the other tricks (Regedit-DontRefresh, Folder view settings, Kill Explorer.exe, etc), but this is the only thing that worked.

  25. Unbelievable! It worked!! For days now, I’ve tried all the other solutions and then some without success. I almost missed this solution. I use File Explorer in Windows 10 on a Dell desktop PC. After I unchecked all the boxes in the Search tab, I clicked on apply. Then I clicked on Restore Defaults. I exited and did not have to restart or change users. It just worked. Thank you!

  26. I tried every suggested remedy here. Finally discovered an unformatted DVD in the player. Removed the DVD and voila! The F…. ing problem is fixed. I am astonished that after 35 years in business that Microsoft cannot write software code. Primitive at best.

  27. Thanks, I did following the instructions above… it did absolutely nothing to solve this problem.

  28. Doesn’t work on Windows 10 Enterprise 64-Bit…

    I created both of this registry values in CLSID and the WOW-Folder… reboot afterwards, no change

  29. Yes this worked for me too! Thanks!
    The registry change of “DontRefresh” did NOT help, by the way.

  30. You have a typo when you describe how to create the registry value. You say to create value “donotrefresh” when you should say “dontrefresh”. Anyway, it didn’t work for me anyway.
    What DID work for me (Windows 10, problem was only on network drives) was an old suggestion in comments below:
    In Windows Explorer: choose Tools, Folder Options > Click the Search tab
    > Check or uncheck ANY option
    > Click Apply

  31. So your instructions say to look for a reg key value labeled “dontrefresh” but later say to create a key labeled “donotrefresh” which is the proper spelling or does it not matter?

  32. Just my 2cents…

    We had this Explorer-Refresh-Bug only on Computers which had a mapped Network-Drive from a Server which was still running with SMB1.

    The Windows-Update (KB4019472) from April 2017 was the reason.

    Very stupid error, that a mapped network drive causes errors on the local Desktop!

  33. In the same registry entry, this is alternately named DONTREFRESH or DONOTREFRESH. Which is correct?

  34. Thank you so much for this fix. I’m using Windows 10 64bit and of course donotrefresh was not found in my registry but I added the key “{BDEADE7F-C265-11D0-BCED-00A0C90AB50F}” and then the key “Instance” and then the qword “donotrefresh” with a value of “0” and instantly the problem was solved. I’ve been battling this issue for months, this was such a simple fix! thank you!!!!

  35. My Win7 ultimate x64 had this problem but only in one folder. These did not fix my particular problem so I
    replaced the folder. or: created a temp folder, dragged my bad folder’s contents to the temp, deleted the original, and renamed the temp to replace the original.

  36. The problem came back. Turns out that I was using a shortcut to the folder in question to open it. If I navigated there from the shortcut, I had the norefresh problem. If I navigated there from my documents folder, refresh worked. I deleted and recreated the folder’s shortcut to correct.

  37. You need to follow the instructions for 64 bit or 32 bit depending on your system. So far, creating the key in the Windows 10 Registry has fixed my issue.

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