Recycle Bin icon does not refresh automatically in Windows 10


  1. Nothing to do with this but I have a problem.

    How to stop this from popping up every time I start my


    I had it built so it’s not an ASUS and about three weeks old I installed windows 7
    professional on it.

  2. Something is re-creating it religiously. Run CCleaner. Run your AV. Then check your Registry start up locations, Startup file and also the Task Scheduler for entries which may be doing this. Hope this helps in some way.

  3. Ok I will fill you in in case somebody else has the same problem.
    the CC Cleaner did not fix it, I searched the registry and could not
    find it, in the task scheduler it would not work, so I left it on the screen and
    deleted the process from the task manager, if I had closed it like I have been doing it would never have worked and it worked I rebooted to check.

    Thanks for your efforts Anand I really appreciated it

  4. Re this comment string and topic “recycle bin”: I too just had a long day trying to figure out why after deleting a video clip edit of about 3.92GB I deleted it, emptied recycle bin, yet windows explorer, Defraggler, WebRoot, and others kept seeing/treating the 3.92GB file like still there and counting against free space as IE temp files, with IE 11 also acting funny; you know how many files on OS Win7 there are, yet not a single thing when EVERY file checked; AVs found nothing; figuring ghost files from audio/visual which import copies via file tunneling, I even added (later deleted) a local machine system key to set tunneling to “0”…still 3.92GB issues persisted; native disk cleanup/chkdsk/et al, even Unlocker, could find/do nothing.

    Then, suspecting corruption of recycle bin at that point, I opened elevated command prompt and entered old XP/Vista trick “rd /s /q C:$Recycle.bin”, answered “yes” to cmd query, right-clicked desktop screen and clicked “refresh”; instantly 3.92GB was back as free space, no more reports of ghost files either! In fact, a little more space, which I always thought was exigency of updates/apps installing and chewing space over time, was also returned to me.

    I guess I mean that if Recycle Bin is having icon problems, might be good to see if it has corruption problems as well.

  5. The easiest thing to do?

    Create copies of your .ico files and give them the extention .ico,0 (that’s dot ico zero).

    Worked like a charm!

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