What does Refresh Desktop or Refresh explorer window actually do?


  1. My XP desktop refreshes automaticly….but it seems to take forever. All the icons turn to some generic looking creature first. Cause???

  2. Every time I go to some Internet Cafe, the engineer would keep refreshing the desktop like crazy, especially if I have any sort of complaint! I have never seen anything good coming out of this silly habit.

  3. I hate to see people doing that and I feel they are stupid. It’s very common with people working at internet cafe, printing press etc. commercial places. I see it almost everywhere.

  4. I was born into Windows 95 and the awesome Windows Millennium Edition. Right click -> Refresh was the only way to be sure the OS was working 😛

  5. you are right

    i have many comp-engineer friend who frequently use refresh key because today people assume that they understood computer and they know everything about computer .

    but ” there is difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something. “

  6. I have to refresh constantly, especially videos on Explorer but not at sites like youtube. What gives?

  7. Thanks so much, this was me! somebody just asked me about it and thats why i got here and lol! i will share with him its really crazy…

  8. m a chronic refresh addict. Also for some reason I am compulsive about invoking the task manager to check system resources. Is there a cure?

  9. I have windows 8.Just ran a Refresh,and it has taken all my game apps,and panda security,tc.Can I re-insall these,or are they lost?

  10. bur one thing is undeniable – the second refresh is executed much quicker than the first. It’s evidence that the computer is getting faster, so it’s working!

  11. that part about refreshing compulsive disorder is almost scary. i know people mindlessly doing it all the time thousand times a day, believing it actually does something. i’ve been wondering about it for years.

  12. I have the opposite problem in Windows 10, file explorer refresh interval is too short and interrupt while I am renaming files and folders. Is there away to increase the refresh interval or turn the auto refresh off?

  13. If i create a floder/file it could not show after i refresh the page then only it’ll show it, How can i solve it

  14. Maybe windows could remove the Refresh option and just make the code for Refresh happen automatically every 30 seconds. lol

  15. Thanks. I do practice this but asked because I did not know if it achieved anything.

  16. Hi,please I have n issue,I would like to bypass password logon screen but I can’t can someone help

  17. i think you just don’t know, its not a silly habit… also you knowing about what happens when we refresh , completely… it optimises speed and efficiency, in that refreshing state the whole cpu forces all of itself to complete the pertainibg task faster.. it’s like you have 100 people in team, but you use 20 ,at refreshing state , you use 90, but only some in urs some in other works….

  18. What a load of crap. The refresh syndrome is a very silly habit that does nothing for modern pc’s. It only helped pre windows xp as it updated the desktop if it was stuck it has no performance benefits whatsoever.

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