Cloudfogger brings encryption & security to your Cloud storage accounts

Now a days, most of us use cloud storage services to store our important content online. It makes sure that our files are always with us, wherever we go. But have you ever thought about the security of your cloud files. Relying on the security provided by the services providers may not be enough. We can however look for a more tool to secure and protect the privacy of our online files.


Cloudfogger is a free tool that adds security to your files on SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. It provides easy secure encryption for the cloud and as a protective shield between you and your cloud storage service. It automatically encrypts the data while uploading and automatically and decrypts it when you want to view or use your files.


Cloudfogger protects your privacy with 256bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and guarantees full protection of your online files. All your Cloudfogger protected files can be easily shared without even supplying your Cloudfogger credentials. You can also encrypt single file and carry the file in a portable drive.

With Cloudfogger you can choose multiple folders which can to be shared. All the content in your folders is encrypted and then collectively uploaded to your desired cloud service or services. The software comes with a pre-built sharing feature, which allows you to share your encrypted files with other email addresses too.

Cloudfogger is now better at automatically detecting installed cloud services and makes it easier for our users to protect all their valuable data. In the current free Cloudfogger Windows version, the maximum number of protected cloud storage services and folders on one computer is 5. Sharing has been simplified in the latest version, so that it’s now very easy to share all the files in a Dropbox folder with other Cloudfogger users.


Cloudfogger is a unique software that gives your online files a secure layer of privacy and protection. You can use this software to protect your encrypt and protect your offline files as well. The powerful security engine is never going to fail in encrypting your files. This is a must have security utility for cloud service users.

Click here to download Cloudfogger. It is completely free for non-commercial use. But please do read the licensing terms carefully. The EULA state that the program may gather data from your computer for statistical purposes to improve the product. Update: Do also read the comments below.

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  1. babakcrew

    So here is the scenario: Say I installed Cloudfogger on my laptop on which I have my dropbox folder… all files are encrypted and safe. Then I had my laptop stolen… I go on the webbased dropbox to detach the stolen laptop’s subscription to my dropbox account and then to access a couple of my files via the web… well I cant as it is encrypted. what is the mitigation plan then?!?!?!

  2. John Scott

    BEWARE of this software if you are a DROPBOX user. Anyone who has a shared folder on Dropbox with you can use Cloudfogger to encrypt your files. You won’t be able to access them, even if you download Cloudfogger and open your own account, you cannot change your old files (PDFs, Word docs, PPTs, etc.) so that you can access them–it locks you out. This is a SERIOUS problem that impacted the <1000 files (5 gig +) PDFs that I store on Dropbox and distribute to students. Furthermore, the support at Cloudfogger is HORRIBLE–I received no reply to my problem. I think this encryption software has too many bugs right now and I would NOT recommend it for use

  3. John Blakemore

    There is none!!! I had a similar problem. And don’t ask them for help, because you will get NONE.

  4. Bob

    Worst support in the world. NONEXISWTENT. Get ticket numbers but no support and no way to contact. Have files that cannot be unlocked and they refuse to help!

  5. Ctrl+alt+del

    This is the worst support I have ever experienced for a mature (??) product. As stated, do not use with dropbox as it will make your files unusable. This software is a superb idea badly executed.

  6. Sergio

    If your HD (or computer) crashes and you lost the “Key file” access, forget your encrypted files, even if you still have your password in a safe place.

  7. Sergio

    This happens in OFFLINE-ONLY ACCOUNTS (Without using the Cloudfogger Servers)

  8. themygy0

    So I’m a bit confused here. I’ve only recently started using Cloudfogger, so maybe I’m missing something obvious here. But couldn’t you download Cloudfogger on the computer you’re using to recover your Dropbox files from the webbased Dropbox? Then just sign in on Cloudfogger using your Cloudfogger password and then unencrypt the Dropbox files from there? Or am I missing something?

  9. sconaty

    Another option is It also encrypts encrypts your content before it is synced to the cloud by Dropbox.

    Safebox doesn’t require you to setup an account and so doesn’t suffer from some of the problems discussed in this thread. (disclaimer: I’m a member of the two man team who created Safebox).

  10. Script-Adult

    I knew there was a catch. This type of software should be really free. You can only encrypt 5 folders? 5 folders total in the whole dropbox for example? What about 10 folders within a folder? Will that count as 1 folder or 11? If so, this will not be useful to most people.

    Cloudfogger if you are reading, two suggestions:

    – Get rid of this silly folder limitation or increase to a reasonable number. Better to get rid of it. I will have to uninstall.
    – Place a checkmark icon on folders and files to let the user know the folder and all its contents have been encrypted. Yes you say they are encrypted but the doubt remains. Now I look at the folder/file in my dropbox and have no clue whether it has been encrypted or not. Sure, you can exit Cloudfogger and start it again, then open dropbox to verify that it asks you for a password but this could be resolved by placing a different color checkmark on folders/files than dropbox’s.

  11. singpopeye

    I am having difficulty viewing files from my android after using Cloudfogger on my laptop. Any answers?

  12. Olek

    Cloudfogger uses AES 256-bit encryption standard. Read more here

  13. Yay

    You are such a dumbass 😀 so funny

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