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Explore EVEN the most obscure start up locations in Windows

Windows has an in-built utility called as the msconfig utility which, inter alia, list the programs which start up along with your Windows. There are some free software available too, which list down, to varying degrees, the programs which start […]

Customer Experience Improvement Program in Microsoft Windows

The Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) is an effort by Microsoft to increase customer satisfaction. By gathering information from people who use its software and services, Microsoft hopes to improve the quality and performance of its products. This is a […]

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Access Control List Repair Utility for Windows 7

An Access Control List (ACL), with respect to a computer file system, is a list of permissions attached to an object. An ACL specifies which users or system processes are granted access to objects, as well as what operations are […]

Windows Installer Service could not be accessed or started

If when you install, uninstall, or update a program on a Windows computer, you receive an error message and you are unable to complete the installation, then this article may interest you. You could receive any of the following error […]

Install SysInternals Suite using PowerShell INF Script

This PowerShell Script will help you in installing SysInternals Suite. This script was created by Michael Murgolo (Senior Consultant, Microsoft Services) with his TechNet publication on “New Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista”  He has released few updated scripts for this […]

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Reclaim Disk Space after Windows 7 SP1 install

When you install Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, it backs up all the files that it replaces. This is done so, if, should you choose to uninstall Service Pack 1 at any point of time, these […]

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Download:Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 RC

Today Microsoft made available the Release Candidate of the upcoming version of the Service Pack 1, for Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 versions. With this RC release  we can expect the final version of the service […]

Advanced Memory Diagnostic on Windows 10/8/7 with Memtest86+

Windows 10/8/7 has an inbuilt Memory Diagnostic Tool. Most of the time Memory Diagnostic won’t detect a bad RAM. To be honest if you want to check the stability of RAM, Windows Memory Diagnostic is not recommended. You could instead, use […]

Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool in Windows 10/8/7

Windows 10/8/7 has a Memory Diagnostic Tool which you can use to check for possible memory problems, including testing of the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer. Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool If Windows 10/8/7/Vista detects a possible memory problem, you […]