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Analyze performance problems with Windows Performance Toolkit

Microsoft offers a set of utilities that it internally uses, to sniff out performance issues in Windows. These tools which Microsoft uses internally to detect and correct boot issues are freely available today  as a part of the Windows Performance […]

Top 10 Windows 7 laptops for home use

With the power of Windows 7, PC manufacturer’s released some amazing laptops this year. They have super power of Intel processors and have nice memory chips in them. These are top 10 of my personal favorite Windows 7 laptops.

Use your Windows 7 computer, the Windows 7 way!

The Windows 7 operating system was designed in response to user feedback, so it features improvements that make it faster, more reliable, and easier for you to use computer. This article is for my non-techie friends, many of who are […]

Diagnose & troubleshoot problems with DirectX Diagnostic Tool

DirectX is a suite of technologies used by many of the multimedia programs in Windows. It is developed by Microsoft to provide hardware acceleration for heavy multimedia applications such as 3D games and HD videos. Windows 7 has  the latest […]

Set up your Windows computer to send and receive Faxes

In Windows 10/8/7, setting up your computer for receiving and sending faxes is very easy. Windows Fax and Scan application can practically turn your computer into a fax machine and proves to be a big money and time saver. Yow […]

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Customize Windows 7 deployment : For IT Professionals

Being an IT Pro, customization of the Windows Operating System deployed is your first priority. With Windows 7 you can have a customization experience like you have never had before. Microsoft provides two tools, the Windows Automated Installation Kit and […]

Fix: Desktop Gadgets are not working in Windows 7

If you find that your Windows 7 Gadgets are not wotking properly, here are a few troubleshooting steps you may want to try out. Maybe you are facing issues with Gadgets not opening or hogging too much memory, or maybe […]

How to run Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool in Windows 7/8/10

Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool or MSDT is a tool  in Windows 10/8, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, which is used by Microsoft Support to help diagnose Windows problems. When you contact Microsoft Support for any help, the support professional will […]

How to take full control & ownership of Windows Registry keys

Windows operating system will not allow you to make changes in certain system critical registry keys. Nevertheless, if you want to make changes even in such registry keys, you will have to take full control of these keys before Windows […]