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Karan Khanna is a passionate Windows 10 user who loves troubleshooting Windows problems in specific and writing about Microsoft technologies in general.
Delete trashbin folder

Hard drive showing wrong free space in Windows 10

Imagine a situation when your a disk in your system is showing high space utilization while you haven’t installed many applications. Upon checking the actual volume occupied by the apps inside the drive, you realize that they aren’t occupying a […]

Device requires further installation

Device requires further installation

In case you encounter the error Device requires further installation while trying to connect an external device to your system, then this article may be helpful for you. Usually, external devices like USB sticks, headphones, speakers, etc. auto-install drivers when […]

All-in-One Voice Changer

How to change your voice to sound like someone else

You may need to modulate your voice a little for discretion over calls or for maintaining secrecy during transactions. The legality of voice modulation could vary among jurisdictions, but it is usually legal. However, the purpose may or may not […]

Failure to display security and shutdown options

Failure to display security and shut-down options

If you encounter a message – Failure to display security and shut-down options while trying to open the Security and Sign-in Options window by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL or attempting to Restart/Shut-down the system, then this article may be helpful for you. […]

Reset the page style of the web page

Web page not loading or displaying correctly in Firefox

If you are facing the issue where web pages are not loading and displaying properly in the Firefox browser, then this article will be helpful. An example of such a case is where pages from a particular website display the […]


Best free Audio Format Converter software for Windows 10

Audio files come in different formats, sizes, and quality. Many media players cannot play every type of format, and there are certain functionalities which are limited to a few audio formats. Thus, it is common for users to convert audio […]

Keyboard troubleshooter

Keyboard wont type numbers OR will only type numbers

Usually, numbers keys are present on two spots on a keyboard. One is at the number pad and the other of above the letters. You might face an issue where your laptop keyboard won’t type numbers. This could be with […]

Remove double spaces in Word

How to remove extra double spaces between words in Word

At times you might get documents created in different text editors which appear differently when opened in Microsoft Word. In some cases, the paragraphs could be separated by one or more blank lines, while in other cases, extra spaces could […]

There is a problem connecting to Netflix

Network error, There is a problem connecting to Netflix

When trying to connect to Netflix, you may, at times, see an error message – Network error: There is a problem connecting to Netflix. This issue is faced even when you try to use the Netflix app for Windows 10. […]

Install add-ons for Stremio

Kodi vs Stremio comparison – Which is better?

Kodi has been in the market for long, and is perhaps one of the best things that happened to the free media streaming market. Stremio is a relatively new media streaming app, but has been quick to gain popularity. It […]