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Best Stremio addons for watching movies, live TV, etc.

Stremio is an excellent media player and has proven to be a tough competitor for Kodi. Though new in the market, it is light, smart, and fast. In this article, we will talk about the best add-ons for Stremio that […]

Stremio discover section

Stremio review and how to use it

Internet users have been searching for alternatives to expensive cable packages. While Kodi and Plex are the market leaders, a newcomer Stremio has started rising in the market. This article is an instruction guide on using this video content aggregation […]

Brave Order

Best Real-time tactics games for Windows 10

Real-time tactic games are games which focus on known tactics to gain the upper hand in the play and win it. Unlike real-time strategy games, the focus is not on the individual player for real-time tactic games. Real-time tactics games […]

Ninja Warrior Sword Fight

Best free Stealth Games for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

Stealth games have been one of the most innovative niches in game technology. Stealth means concealing identity and trying to be invisible while completing your mission. It could be anything from hiding while attempting to escape prison to creating aircraft […]

Website is online but isn’t responding to connection attempts

In case any proxy settings or third-party add-ons are interfering with your system’s internet connection, you might encounter the error Website is online but isn’t responding to connection attempts upon running the Network Adapter troubleshooter. Website is online but isn’t […]


Best apps for Freelancers and Professionals for Windows 10

As a freelancer, I spent most of my time on the computer. While freelancing offers freedom, I depended more on my computer for growth, entertainment, and interaction. Thus, I thought of compiling this list of apps for Freelancers on Windows […]

No hypervisor was found. Please enable hypervisor support

No hypervisor was found, Please enable hypervisor support

Users have reported that while trying to launch the Sandbox feature in Windows 10, they encounter the error No hypervisor was found, Please enable hypervisor support. This prevents them from using the Sandbox feature. No hypervisor was found, Please enable […]

Can’t establish a secure connection with Google Play Music error

Can’t establish a secure connection – Google Play Music

The Google Play Music app allows users to download music directly to the music library of the application. Google Play Music is available both as a website and desktop app. However, the app has limited functionality. Some users have reported […]

Best builds for Kodi

Best builds for Kodi – 2019

While Kodi is an excellent media player by itself, the real magic of the application lies in its builds and add-ons. If Kodi is the skeleton, Kodi builds are the flesh. They change the whole experience of the media streaming […]

Warplanes WW2

Best Air Warfare games for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store

Gamers! Are you bored playing the same popular games over and over again? Have you been looking for some thrilling battle scene games to play? How about some aircraft to ride and many more to blow up? That’s right; we […]

Skype not sending messages in Windows 10

You may have faced an issue where you find that Skype is not sending messages. This issue is common with Skype for home users, and the most probable cause has been having low or no internet connectivity. But if you […]

Free Microsoft Office alternative software

Best free Microsoft Office alternative software

We are all very accustomed to using Microsoft Office. It is the most prevalent office productivity software for personal as well as business. Maybe it is time to get out of the comfort zone and explore some free alternatives that […]


Best Home Design apps for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

Home Design apps are not just for interior design students. Most of us have somewhat been experimenting with colors and wallpapers online. Especially, if you are looking to remodel your kitchen or home, dabbling with what really fits for you […]

Alice in Wonderland

Best Fantasy RPG Games for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store

When it comes to fantasy games, one of the best things about them is the graphics. The larger than life storylines, extraordinarily hyped graphics and unattainable moral stances that help your warriors win over the warlords, is what makes Fantasy […]

Fix Unable to display current owner error on Windows 10

All users operating a system might not have access to each and every file and folder. The owner of the file (usually the Administrator) has the right to modify the permissions. However, at times, in the File Properties, users may […]

BSvcProcessor has stopped working

The error BSvcProcessor has stopped working can be annoying. We can close the error window, but it doesn’t resolve the root problem. The BSvcProcessor program is associated with Bing. It is a part of the package for Microsoft Bing Desktop […]