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Karan Khanna is a passionate Windows 10 user who loves troubleshooting Windows problems in specific and writing about Microsoft technologies in general.

Best free Twitter clients for Windows 10

Twitter is clearly the most important social media website after Facebook. It helps us stay updated with the statements of celebrities and politicians. Imagine how wonderful an experience it would be to be able to use Twitter as a client […]

Smart Disk Cleanup

Best free Secure Delete software for Windows 10

A lot of free data recovery software are available in the market. If you wonder how they are able to recover your data easily, the answer is that the data wasn’t deleted from your system at all. When you empty […]

How to make files and folders undeletable in Windows 10

The most common reason for losing data is accidentally deleting files and folders. Rather, most of you must have lost files at least once by accidentally deleting them. The best resolution to this problem is to make the files and […]

CPU Over Temperature Error

Fix CPU Over Temperature Error

Imagine a situation where you boot your computer, but the operating system doesn’t load; instead, you get the “CPU Over Temperature Error!” error. In such a situation, you wouldn’t be able to boot into the system in any mode, and […]

Precision compass

Best free Compass apps for Windows 10

This is the generation of travelers, explorers, free birds, and bloggers. People want to explore new places on their own. They don’t want the interruption of a travel guide or a team of strangers. This is why the dependency on […]

Bad_Module_Info error on Windows 10

Bad_Module_Info has stopped working on Windows 10

Games are known to be heavy on the system. Some of them crash themselves, and some crash the system when they don’t get enough resources to launch and play. One such case is with the error bad_module_info error on Windows […]

Facebook images not loading

Facebook images not loading? Try these working fixes!

A common issue reported by Facebook users is Facebook images are not loading. This problem is equally common with all desktop browsers and mobile apps. While many users have reported it on the Facebook and other forums, nothing much has […]

Microsoft Minesweeper

Best free Minesweeper Games for Windows 10

Minesweeper brings memories back. We miss those inbuilt video games from the past. Maybe that’s the only thing we miss about the computers of the previous generation. The internet has everything today. So, why should memories be left behind? Free […]

Uphill Jeep Rally

Best free Mountain Sports games for Windows 10 PC

Mountain sports is an extreme adventure. Not everybody wants to risk their life doing something crazy. But we all want to experience how it feels. Realistic virtual mountain sports games are the perfect getaway. You can have your cake and […]


How to merge columns without losing data in Excel

Many users have reported that while trying to merge and combine columns in Microsoft Excel, they lose data except for that in the left-most column. To counter this problem, you should use some formula. We will show you the way […]

Windows Calculator

Best free Calculator apps for Windows 10

While the in-built Windows 10 Calculator is excellent, it definitely isn’t the best option. If you need a simple calculator for simple calculations, the in-built calculator would be a pretty good option. However, third-party apps are easier to use and […]

Computer cabinet

10 best practices to keep your computer cool

You might be conscious about maintaining the health of your computers, but the focus would be on the software part. Updating Windows, regular scans, avoiding unhealthy download, etc. are important, but the hardware is usually ignored. Maintenance of the system […]

Maths with Cats

Best free Math game apps for kids on Windows 10 PC

Convincing a child to practice mathematics is a difficult challenge. Parents and teachers are tired of inventing new ways to encourage kids to study mathematics. Even adults tend to forget elementary level math because we depend too much on the […]

Nightmares from the Deep 3 Davy Jones

Best Pirate games for Windows 10 PC

Pirate games have long been a favorite among gamers of all ages. Be it a rainy night spent with your family by the fireplace or an afternoon in with your friends, a good pirate game can always spice things up. […]

Notepads - Beta

Best free note taking apps for Windows 10

A virtual note taking app is essential for everybody. A child needs to set reminders for chores or new timings of their favorite show; a student needs endless notes; a working person needs to set to-do lists; every grown-up needs […]

Last name

How to separate First and Last name in Excel

Let us suppose a situation in which you have a list of full names of people. You intend to split these names into three parts – first name, middle name, and last name. This can be done in Microsoft Excel […]

Turn OFF Airplane mode

Windows 10 is stuck in Airplane Mode

Some users have reported a weird issue with their systems where their Windows 10 computer gets stuck on Airplane mode. They are unable to deactivate the mode. This, in turn, means that they are unable to use the internet. The […]