Advanced Uninstaller Pro comes with an automated program monitor

Ever since I have been using Windows operating system I have come across tonnes of software that are stubborn and refuse to be uninstalled. This is where the Advanced Uninstaller Pro comes to the rescue, it is a free software for Windows 10/8/7, that lets you forcibly uninstall installed programs. Most of the times it is the Potentially Unwanted Software that clogs the operating system and the same cannot be dealt with even with the Control Panel.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro review

Advanced Uninstaller Pro
Advanced Uninstaller Pro is pretty much comprehensive and unlike most of the other programs, this free software completely uninstalls the program. Yet another mention worthy feature is that the Uninstaller can also backup a program that needs to be uninstalled. I have used the Advanced Uninstaller PRO to remove some rather nasty programs and the result has been satisfying as of now.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro Installation and Features

The installation method is typical, i.e execute the downloaded .exe file and you are good to go. I would personally advise the users to set on the Automatic monitoring since it would keep an eye on every program you install and thus make it simpler to uninstall the same at a later date.

While the built-in uninstaller will usually use a manual file and registry Advanced Uninstaller Pro will instead make use of its own engine to search for the leftover files and notify the users to uninstall the same. That being said the program makes use of the default installer at the beginning before employing its own method.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro also lets you read the online review of any program that you install and this is definitely a good way to know the potential threat your program carries.

Other tools like the file shredder, junk cleaner, Control Panel applet remover, duplicate file finder and the registry cleaning tool add to the utilitarian front of the Advanced Uninstaller Pro.

Setup Monitored Installation on Advanced Uninstaller Pro

As we explained earlier the monitored installation is Advanced Uninstaller Pro quintessential feature. This is one aspect of the program that sets it aside from its competitors. This is how it works, the program records every setup step involved including the registry values and it uses the same to uninstall the program as and when needed.

In order to setup the monitoring service go to General Tools > Monitored Installations and then select the program to be removed from the list. You can either choose an Automatic uninstallation which will remove every file and directory associated with the program or with the custom uninstallation you can remove each and every file manually. Please ensure that you create a backup of the program just in case you want to install it again. The best part is that the backed up program can be reinstalled without running the .exe. This feature can also be used to stash the programs that you don’t currently need but in the future, if the need arises you can simply download the same.

Wrapping it up

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is by far the most comprehensive free uninstaller software I have come across. The auto monitor feature and the backup feature can be a lifesaver. Also, the reviews of every app that we are about to install is a nice touch since it lets us know what Uninstaller Pro users think of that particular program. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is and will remain free. However, to use the Daily Health Check module you have to buy its license. Go get it from its homepage.

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  1. jjstccean

    Sounds great. I’ve been using Revo Uninstaller Pro for a long time and it does a good job of removing what a program left behind in the Windows registry and elsewhere on the hard drive.

  2. Michael Javert

    If it can’t uninstall Cortana, it’s a waste of time. There are TONS of uninstallers that does what this does, just as well as, if not better than. What I am looking for is things that can uninstall and completely get rid of PUPS (Potentially Unwanted Software) Like Cortana and key loggers in Windows X

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