MyUninstaller: Portable Uninstaller Freeware to Remove or Uninstall Software

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  1. Uninstallers which don’t really offer an uninstallation method that’s different from what’s built-in to WIndows, itself, end-up just being more of an interface, and not really an uninstaller, per se.

    Glary’s uninstaller looks a lot like MyUninstaller, but it actually does things that are special… and what I mean by that is special with regard to actually uninstallation. I’ve seen, for example, Windows’s built-in uninstaller — even REVO uninstaller — fail properly uninstall some of the Windows Live stuff; but Glary’s forcibly pulls it out by its roots, whether it wants to come or not. So Glary’s uninstaller actually DOES something more than merely being, in effect, an interface.

    REVO uninstaller, of course, hunts down every last file and/or folder associated with the thing being uninstalled, and removes ’em… removes ’em all… every last bit; leaves little or nothing behind. It’s by far the best and most magic uninstaller out here; and if you get the pro version you get both an even better algorithm for finding parts of that being uninstalled, but it will also do the “snapshot” method of the next uninstaller I’ll mention…

    …ZSoft’s uninstaller, whose claim to fame is that it will take a “snapshot” of the drive immediately before something is installed, and then another one after, and it uninstalls by simply reversing whatever the installer does. REVO’s commercial/paid version offers that, too. So does Ashampoo’s otherwise feckless littel uninstaller; and so, now, do several others. But ZSoft started it; and is best at it.

    Those are three uninstallers which actually *DO* something… that is, something more than just listing what can be uninstalled, and then doing things like letting you uninstall more than one app at effectively the same time. Uninstallers like that are little more than alternative interfaces to Windows’s built-in uninstaller. And MyUninstaller has long been pretty much only that.

    If one’s going to use an uninstaller, then at least get one that doesnn’t something special… which does something that’s useful and beyond the basics…

    …like the three I just mentioned: REVO — even only the free version — being the hands-down best-of-breed.

    Or so it is, in any case, my opinion.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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