How to add WebP support to Microsoft Edge browser

WebP allows good optimization of images in comparison to other formats like JPEG and PNG. This is useful in transferring images quickly over the network (websites). Also, the format can deliver lossless images that are 26% smaller compared to PNGs and lossy images that are 30 % (approx) smaller than equivalent JPEG images. Although smaller, images are of the same quality, benefiting users who pay for bandwidth. The support for the format in browsers also allow sites to load faster in bandwidth constrained areas.

Most browsers support WebP format for the above-mentioned reasons. Still, a handful of them does not take the advantage as WebP is Google’s alternative smaller image format. Example, Edge browser.

Enable WebP format support in Edge browser

To enable WebP format support in Edge Browser, visit Microsoft Store and add install Webp Image Extensions. Once installed, you will be able to view WebP images Microsoft Edge. It is necessary that you have Windows 10 1803 installed and running to allow this extension to work.

Edge browser

Edge should now be in a position load WebP images. However, it will do so only when it notices or senses that the site embedding images in the WebP format are not filtered by the user agent or through other alternative ways.

It is important to mention here that while the support is limited to a few Windows 10 devices, it certainly adds support for Google’s WebP format to Windows 10. Also, it lets you take other advantages. For example, all the images maintain the same level of visual fidelity, but at a fraction of the file size.

add WebP support to Microsoft Edge

Please note that the extension doesn’t work for all users. When I installed the same extension on my spare laptop and attempted to run it, the browser displayed no image.

Also, when I clicked the link of the WebP image it opened a page with some meaningless text.

WebP is Google’s alternative smaller image format to that of JPEGs or PNGs.

You can download it here from Microsoft Store.

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