Free tools to convert WebP to PNG online

WebP is a popular yet less used image format, which is being managed by Google since 2010. Although, it’s been few couple of years since Google launched this image format, yet, not many sites have started using it. However, WebP is one of the best formats for webmasters, who are extremely concerned with the page loading time. According to Google, a WebP image is 26% smaller than same PNG image and 25-34% smaller than same JPEG image.

PNG and JPG images generally lose the quality when you try to reduce file size. However, WebP images do not lose the quality since it uses the same coding, which is generally used by the VP8 video codec. Eventually, you will get better quality and lower file size.

But, the problem is if you want to use a WebP image offline, you cannot do so since other apps and browsers (except Google Chrome and Opera) do not support this format. Therefore, you need to convert it to other regular formats like PNG, JPG, etc. to use them offline. Here are some of the popular online WebP to PNG converters you can use.

Convert WebP to PNG

Convert WebP to PNG online

1] Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is one of the most popular cloud-based file converters that can convert the file to different formats at once. However, you can use the same web app to convert WebP images to PNG format. To do so, just open this page of Cloud Convert, select file, save path and hit the “Start Conversion” button to convert the file. Your converted file will be saved automatically if you choose any cloud storage as save location.

2] Zamzar

Zamzar is yet another free web app to convert files from one format to another format. It can be used to convert files from any format to another including WebP to PNG. However, it offers users to choose the file that is under 100MB. But, you should not get issue since WebP images would be under 100MB. Anyway, head over to this page, choose your file, select png from the drop-down menu, enter your email address and hit the “Convert” button. The download link will be sent to your email ID.

3] Convertio

Convertio is the third awesome web tool to convert WebP to PNG. This is quite easy to use this tool. However, no file limit is mentioned on the official website. To convert any WebP image to PNG, just open the Convertio website, select your WebP image and click on “Convert” button. This is as simple as said. If you do not have time to wait for the conversion, you can simply enter your email ID, and it will send a notification with a download link.

4] Image Online Convert

This is a popular online file converter, which is quite similar to Cloud Convert and Zamzar. It is possible to use this tool to convert WebP image to PNG. Apart from converting image format, you can also change the dimension, color group, DPI, etc. using this tool. Go to their website and upload the file form your PC. You can also enter the URL of any WebP file. After that, select the quality. Choose “Best Quality” from the drop-down menu. If you want to change the height and width, do enter as you wish and at last, hit the “Convert file” button. It takes a couple of moments to complete the process.

5] Coolutils

It can convert different files from one format to another format within the moment, and this is needless to say that it can work with WebP as well. However, to use this tool, you have to visit this website. Following that, click on “Browse” button to select your file. After that, choose PNG as image format. Similar to Image Online Convert, you can change the height and width of the image using this tool. Therefore, if you want, just select the desired height and width. At last, click on “Download Converted File”.

As WebP is a growing image format, you should know more about it. You can also use these tools to convert WebP images to other popular formats like JPG, BMP, etc.

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