Convert any file to different formats at once using CloudConvert

There are hundreds of file converters what you can use to convert any file from one format to another format. For instance, if you want to convert audio files, head over to Format Factory. If you want to convert video files to animated GIF, try Move To GIF. But, if you check out these tools minutely, you can find a drawback. They cannot convert multiple files to different formats at once.

Suppose, you need to convert some images from .png to .jpg, some text files to .docx, some .docx file to .pdf. Instead of utilizing image converter and document converter one after one, you can simply head over to CloudConvert, which will let you do all those conversion at once. It can convert almost any file format to any other file format.

CloudConvert is a web tool, which is available as a Chrome extension as well. You can easily convert multiple files from one format to any other format with the help of this free tool. The most beautiful thing is this is possible to save the converted files to various cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Besides that, you can also share your converted files with your friends using a QR code.

CloudConvert review

This is quite easy to use CloudConvert. At first go to the CloudConvert website and open up your files. You can choose different formats such as .png, .txt, .docx, .pdf or anything to convert.

In the second step, you have to select the formats in which you want to convert your files. You can select any supported format.


After selecting, you have four options to save your converted file.

  1. Mail the files to your email ID after converting
  2. Notify you when it is finished
  3. Save the files on CloudConvert
  4. Save files to various cloud storage i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,


Convert any file to different formats at once

Following that, click on Start Conversion button. After finishing, you can get options as per your selection. For example, if you have selected Notify me when it is finished, you will get Download option on your screen.


Just like that, if you have selected Save file to Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive etc. you will not have to do anything. Your files will be saved automatically to your account.

You can convert over 200 types of files including archive, audio, cad, document, e-book, font, image, presentation, spreadsheet, vector, video etc. If you like, you can check out CloudConvert here.

Zamzar is another web tool to convert files. Some other useful file converters are Icecream PDF Converter, Miro Video Converter, CUDA Video Converter etc.

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