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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a popular file format used to present protected documents. With the inception of the .PDF format almost two decades ago, one would have hardly imagined it becoming the de facto industry standard for the exchange of files and documents. The shape of the software industry has taken quite turns from then on, but nothing quite yet replaces this always omnipresent file format. Be it your resume, recommendation letters or application forms, PDF file format is one of those widely recognized and valid formats when it comes to sharing of documents over the Internet. Getting this ubiquitous file format from one of your .Doc file or .JPG images and vice versa is very often required if one manages a lot of digital documents in his daily life. Converting between these files formats and getting the file in its desired output are often the dilemmas faced by the people handling digital documents.

Icecream PDF Converter

There are many times when you need to convert a file either from PDF a format or to a PDF format. Icecream PDF Converter can help you perform such tasks. Icecream PDF Converter is a simple and effective freeware tool that helps you to convert various files formats to PDF and PDF files to formats such as docx, xlsx, html, jpeg and more.

It is good when you have a tool that aids you in converting between file formats, considerably saving your time and efforts. This PDF converter tool is one among the powerful arsenal of tools developed by Icecream Apps lets you convert between different file formats ranging from PDF, DOC, JPG, EPUB, HTML and so on. It lets you convert files into merged or individual PDF files or even convert PDF files into split individual image files. This free tool can be downloaded from their official website, and the download comes in at a 95MB size. There are many paid tools available for conversion between different file formats, but this free tool just works better and performs almost flawlessly in every aspect of the conversion process.

The home screen is as simple as it could get, giving you access to all the tasks in a clean and minimalistic fashion. You do not require any expertise in order to use this freeware. The user interface of this PDF conversion software is so simple that even a new beginner can use it quite easily. All you need to do is just to download and install the software. The rest of the conversion task related to PDF files will be taken care of by Icecream PDF Converter freeware.

There are many features that make this PDF converter worth checking out. Some of them are:

  • Simple to understand and easy to use
  • Support drag and drop feature
  • Supports multiple formats
  • You can perform bulk conversion of files
  • Can customize layout setting as per need

Icecream PDF Converter

  • You can select the page range of a PDF file to convert it to the images

 PDF converter

  • Can merge files
  • Can edit page sequences while merging files into one PDF
  • You can secure your PDF file by providing password to it

 PDF converter

Formats that can be converted to PDF using Icecream PDF Converter

Below are the listed popular file formats that you can convert to PDF easily by using Icecream PDF Converter software:

  • Convert office documents to PDF- DOC, DOCX and ODT
  • Convert spreadsheet files to PDF- XLS, XLSX and ODS
  • Convert Hypertext files to PDF- HTML and HTM
  • TIFF to PDF
  • Convert photos to PDF- JPG and BMP
  • Can convert PNG and GIF to PDF
  • EBook format to PDF- EPUB, MOBI and FB2
  • XPS to PDF

Formats that can be converted from PDF using Icecream PDF Converter

Formats of files that can be converted from the PDF are as follows-

  • JPG and BMP
  • DOC and ODT
  • TIFF
  • PNG and GIF
  • EPS and WMF
  • HTML

Conversion from PDF to other formats

Now all that you will be required is to decide between the options you have for file conversion: Images, HTML, DOC and any other files to be converted to PDF format or the other way round. There’s room for both sets of tasks. First, we will be looking at the ‘From PDF’ conversion process. At the main menu, there is a provision for adding your PDF files to the queue and selecting the desired format of the output files. Click on the huge plus button at the center or drag and drop the files. Once done, you can click on the by default JPG format beside the file and choose between a host of image formats that you will prefer as output and hit the convert button.
The entire conversion process just takes about a little time under 2 minutes, and that will do just fine.

Conversion to PDF from other formats

If you want to convert your files into PDF output, just select the ‘To PDF’ from the top menu, and the addition of files is just similar to the above process. You can choose to merge the files into a single PDF file, or if you don’t choose to merge them, you can also get individual PDF files by selecting or deselecting the ‘Merge all files into a single PDF’. By selecting the ‘Wrench’ icon, you can edit the File or Layout settings; you can choose page orientation, size, margin and other such PDF layout settings. Once done, hit ‘Convert’ and you will get the converted files just under a minute, depending on the number of files you will add.

How to use Icecream PDF Converter

PDF converter

Opening the user interface of the application all you need to do is to first select what exactly you want to do? Do you want to convert any file to PDF or convert PDF to the required format? According to your requirement, select ‘From PDF’ or ‘To PDF’ option which is there in the first main window of the software.

 PDF converter

After selecting, click on the plus sign to add the file or you can just drag it also. After dragging or browsing select the format to which you want the selected file to be converted to. Meanwhile, you can change the page range of the PDF files, can split it, and can do other such tasks. After making all changes, select the folder where you want to have your file and click on the Convert button, that’s it. Your file will be converted and will be there in the folder which you have selected as the destination folder.

 PDF converter

The Settings menu at the main screen has the minimum of default preferences choices, and they include basic information like folder location, language, and name of the publisher. With the minimum requirement of tweaking with the file settings, this PDF converter requires very little efforts on your end.

Icecream PDF Converter is a nice software for you if you constantly work on PDF files and many a times you need to do the file conversion. It is among the finest free PDF conversion tool for Windows users and an indispensable tool for people who deal daily with digital documents. With hardly any drawbacks to this tool, it is a completely free tool at your disposal for all things PDF.The total size of the software is 105.9 MB which is quite large, but the features it is offering is incomparable with other such software of the same category.

Click on this link to download the software and start enjoying your work with this PDF converter software

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  1. Ziggy

    Despite the large download, this program is massively impressive! Thanks again, Anand; the free programs reviewed here by your good self have been “incomparable” and a treat to trial and use.

  2. NeilM

    A promising program, but conversion from PDF to MS Word is disappointing, – text only, no graphics and loses all formatting. I just compared conversions using this program and UniPDF and the latter is far superior (I have no association whatever with UniPDF). Conversion to PDF works OK (limited testing) but doesn’t have anything that other free PDF creators have.

  3. mel

    In the application “How to delete certain pages” I have not succeeded to make this work. I need a step-by-step tutorial to find out how to remove the page(s) and how to save the file.

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