Free CUDA Video Converter: Easily convert & edit your media files

Free CUDA Video Converter is a video & audio editing and conversion software that helps you to convert your movies/music/videos into various formats that are supported by different devices. This application comes with some great conversion features that lets you easily edit the options and convert the file.

Video Converter

This video converter application is completely based on CUDA. CUDA is a computing platform programmed by NVIDIA. CUDA is implemented by the GPUs and this computing technology is rather fast than others. So you can imagine the speed and efficiency of this video converter.

To start editing a file, you need to open the file in the software. Click on the add files icon in the top menu bar. Once the file is opened, you can clip it out or merge it, convert it and edit it. There are lots if editing options available such as:

  • Video Cropping
  • Video Flip
  • Insert Watermarks
  • Change Audio
  • Add subtitles
  • Blind the Video
  • Insert Black and White or Old Film effects
  • Change the brightness, contrast, saturation of the video
  • Add up to 11 default effects.

These were some features of the video editor that comes in the software. Now coming to other features of the software such as Clip and Merge – under the clip option you can cut a desired part of your video and save it different place and in the merge option you can merge your video with other videos. Settings would be automatically adjusted.


To choose the conversion options, under the profile column click on the drop-down menu and choose the format on which you would like to convert the video. There are lots of device based profiles available. Some of them are for Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry devices and so on. There are other profiles available too. Some of them are – AVI, MKV and MPEG-4. There are yet more profiles available, but you need to pay and upgrade to enjoy the benefits of those profiles. For a normal user, these much profiles are sufficient but if you’ve a variety of gadgets then you may consider upgrading the application.

Free CUDA Video Converter download

Free CUDA Video Converter is a all-in-one video converter with some interesting features, it converts the videos faster and efficiently and a time saver. Click here to download Free CUDA Video Converter.

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  1. oreo27

    Will this work on a AMD based GPU?

  2. Guy Chuaunsu

    I’ve tried various converters & still can’t find one that will convert my DTS or Surround Videos to MP3… Any suggestions ?


    Guy in Victoria

  3. Observer315

    Acts more like a virus. tons of web page popups when you run it, asking you to buy the “advanced” version. Crapware IMO.

  4. Coolguy

    do they have CUDA the NIVIDA only feature? nope.

  5. John Stephen Lakeland

    it is free you know!

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