View & Manage Clipboard In Windows 10/8/7

When you copy or cut or move data, it is held temporarily in an invisible portion of memory. This is called as the ClipBoard. The clipboard enables applications to transfer data or between applications or within an application.

Windows XP had clipbrd.exe, referred to as the Clipboard Viewer or the ClipBook Viewer, which could be used to see what was saved on your clipboard. If you try to search for this exe file in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 you will be unable to find clipbrd.exe.

Clipboard in Windows

In Windows XP this file was situated in C:\Windows\System32\clipbrd.exe. It is now missing as a part of the Windows 10/8/7 installation. You can try to copy it from a Windows XP installation, if you have access to it, and paste it in your System32 folder. In most cases this is known to work.

Clipboard Viewer

If you wish, you can download Windows Clipboard Viewer from here. But if it does not work or if you are confronted with a message of sorts : Entry Point Not Found, then you may try to run it in Windows XP/SP2 compatibility mode and see if it works.

The Windows Clipboard is very basic in nature and does not offer many features. As a result, many free Clipboard alternatives like ArchiveClipboard, Enhanced Clipboard Manager, CopyCat, Clipboardic, Orange Note, Ditto, Clipboard Magic, etc, are available on the Internet.

You may also try this freeware Clipboard Viewer. This application allows you to look inside your Windows clipboard.


Clipboard for Windows 10/8


Clipboard app for Windows 8/10 will allow you to share to and from your clipboard using the Share Charm. This is especially useful for bridging desktop applications with Windows Runtime applications that support sharing features. There are also other Modern UI apps like Clipboard Plus, Clipboard+ and Clipboard Circle that can act as clipboard managers in Windows 8. Clipa.Vu is another clipboard manager app for Windows 10/8, you may want to check out.

Incidentally, Clip.exe is a different file, which is a part of Microsoft Word/Office Clip Organizer. It is a cmd command. And rdpclip.exe is the main executable for File Copy, which allows you to copy and paste between server and client. Windows Snipping Tool may also be considered as a variation of sorts. It lets you copy any portion of any screen, make notes and then copy it to the Clipboard as a graphic, save it as a graphics or an html file and/or send it by email. But you cannot view the clipboard with it.

Read next: Windows Clipboard Manager Tips and Tricks.

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  1. another option is Ditto clip manager.

  2. luc

    in windows 7, open startmenu-type snipping-enter. The snipping tool is now visible. Click and open.

  3. Hum

    Another option is………. pressing control+V

  4. Luka Per?i?

    Keyboarder copypaste is more for humans that this lists. Simple and easy to jump in(or out) to.

  5. Caleb

    It is not ready for download, so what is the point in posting his link? 😐

  6. Luka Per?i?

    Sorry, I was getting early access. It is open now.

  7. squint9

    Und yet none of these wunderkin allow one to just print the clipboard. As usual with Microsoft it is one step forward und two steps back.

  8. Zathras

    Works great with Win7x64

  9. Stuffsblog

    nice post!

  10. koolkitten

    I know this is an old entry, but just in case you see this Luka, I wanted to say thank you for coming back 3 months later to update us. I’m really impressed, lol. Most people wouldn’t have taken the time, so much appreciation. I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂

  11. Rafasa Arandas

    I was looking for badly needed lost data…so the Clipboard in Windows 8.1 has no record, no history of the text it copies at all? Sigh…

  12. Brian L Vanhardenberg

    nice try, that’s not a clipboard.

  13. David Straub

    freeware Clipboard viewer has warnings not to access

  14. Paul

    No. That’s not the clipboard. You know how you select some text, right-click and then you can click COPY? Well, after that you can right-click in any text field and click PASTE, which copies the previously selected text. The problem is, if you select and COPY something again, the previous content are “forgotten”. These apps let you see your clipboard history, that is, everything that you have copied before.

  15. Paul

    What? Do you realize that these programs are NOT written by Microsoft?

  16. Frank Field

    Another option is if items in the clipboard were simply easily accessible, which is the entire point of a clipboard. Just saying. Makes zero sense for MSFT to even have it available if you can’t past the info someplace else.

  17. Mark Ellevsen

    That’s kind of like complaining that a car tyre won’t transport you to the shop.

  18. Guru30

    Anand : The clipmagic site I believe is no longer active. Please update it.

  19. It is live. I just re-checked. 🙂

  20. gtgamer468

    There also Microsoft Office for those of you who have it like I do.

  21. AKASH

    I have no app for clipboard manager and i copied my online booking pnr number of bus in my computer but certainly my computer turns off and i forget it then how i will get the clipboard history my operating system is windows 8

  22. TF Hon

    I am using the Clipboard App in Window 10 on my PC. I tried to create a link on a file in my Dropbox. Dropbox says the link is created and can be found in my Clipboard. But I find nothing in Clipboard. How to find where is the link in the Clipboard App?

  23. Clara Bell


  24. Joe

    I clicked on “save keycode to clipboard” by mistake, now how do I get rid of it? I don’t know anything at all about “clipboard”. I am running win 10

  25. BaffledBill

    ClipMagic appears to be trialware rather than freeware.
    The link to the Clipboard Viewer freeware appears to be broken.

  26. Just Me

    Just to note that ClipMagic is not freeware.

    Thanks for the article!

  27. Thanks. Will update post.

  28. Tony

    Yes it is. You can either have the Clip Magic Lite for FREE, or the full version 4.0 for FREE by agreeing to use Trial Pay. If you can’t be bothered accepting either of those then would you pay $14.99 for the Full version 4.0

  29. Eric Treloar

    Even more impressive…..Keyboarder is discontinued. Head over to ZeroPass https://www.zeropass

  30. Rick Deckard

    You’re a bright one aren’t ya?!? Jesus!

  31. tormozit

    If Ditto is not enough for you then try my new open source (free) analog ClipAngel.
    Comparison table for analogs

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