Clipboard Magic: Improve, extend, enhance Windows Clipboard

When you copy or cut text, it is held temporarily in an invisible portion of memory called as the ClipBoard. Windows XP had clipbrd.exe referred to as the Clipboard Viewer, but this was discontinued starting with Windows Vista. So if you are looking for a good freeware to manage and view your Windows clipboard, along with some advanced features, try the latest version of Clipboard Magic.

The Windows Clipboard has the limited function of offering a  single buffer which gets overwritten by every new “copy” operation, i.e., some clipboard hold single item – and whenever a new item is copied, the previous item automatically gets discarded. Clipboard Magic offers you many features that let you manage your clipboard entries.

Clipboard Manager for Windows

Clipboard Magic is a Windows clipboard enhancement program. This clipboard extender dramatically improves your productivity when copying, cutting and pasting repetitive text or for web form entry. The program has the ability to hold a high volume of copy-pastes and templates of letters. Besides, it can save names, as well as all sorts of web addresses that you might pick up while surfing, but do not particularly want to bookmark them.

Unlike most other programs which offer a single buffer, Clipboard Magic allows multiple entries. With a click of the mouse, any item in the stored clip list is automatically copied to the Windows Clipboard, allowing you to paste the text in any document or web form. Text may also be edited and added manually.

Clipboard Magic Features:

  • Freeware
  • Improves cut and paste repetitive tasks
  • Stores a single character in several pages of text
  • Store as many items as you want
  • Copies an item back to the Clipboard with a click of the mouse
  • Series paste and relative row paste hotkeys
  • Text drag and drop support
  • Ability to save clip lists to external files for easy loading later
  • Allows clip editing, manual clip adding and clip sorting
  • Backup and restore support
  • Color-coding
  • Full Unicode support

Apart from all this, Clipboard Magic also proves useful for an individual who requires inserting a foreign language phrases in e-mails. It even handles Russian fonts, making it more convenient to use.

The freeware is compatible with Windows 7/8/10. Its latest version 5 includes new backup and restore features that help to recover important clip data after a hard drive crash and help facilitate switching to another computer. Also, the display grid now fully supports all multi-byte languages.

You can download Clipboard Magic from here.

The Windows 7 Clipboard is very basic in nature and does not offer many features. As a result, many free Clipboard manager software like ArchiveClipboard, Enhanced Clipboard Manager, CopyCat, Clipboardic, Orange Note, Ditto, etc., are available on the internet. How to prevent theft of your Clipboard Data may also interest you.

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