Save Text files from Windows 10 clipboard with Clibor

The Clipboard in Windows 10 is the same as it has ever been, and that can be an issue for folks who copy and paste on a regular basis. There are times we wish the Windows Clipboard could hold more than one items. We’re not vexed anymore since we came across a program called Clibor. By using this program, computer users can keep track of a history of items stored in the clipboard. Bear in mind that whenever something is stored in the clipboard, it is also stored in Clibor for future access.

Clibor Clipboard Manager for Windows

Clibor Clipboard Manager for Windows

Let’s dig in and talk about this program for a bit:

The file size here is just under 800kb, when extracted from its ZIP folder, it is slightly larger. Before going any further, we should point out that Clibor does not recognized anything that is not text. That means, pictures or whatever copied to the clipboard will not be recognized here.

After extracting, open the Clibor.exe file. Now, the program will not pop up on the desktop showing an installation screen. It just opens and hid itself in the Hidden Icons section on the taskbar. To test it out, just copy some text and click on the Clibor icon to see your work.

For more options and the to gain access to the settings area, right-click on the icon. You’ll be overwhelmed with the vast amount of choices available to you. Here, users can clear the history, or just clear the clipboard. It is also possible to back-up and restore copied contents.

We like the feature that allows us to stop monitoring the clipboard. It means that when the user copies something to the clipboard, Clibor will not make a second copy.

In the settings area, it is even more confusing. Seriously, the developers did a terrible job in laying out the options for easy access. It is not friendly at all, and took some time to understand what is what from what is not.

We know that from the settings area, it is possible to search for clipboard copied items. We can customize Clibor by changing the color in and around several areas, and we can also request a notification sound to be played whenever something is saved to the history.

The whole thing is a complex mess, but you know what? When it comes down to collecting a history of things that were saved to the clipboard, Clibor does the job, and that’s what we believe, truly matters here.

Download the file from this location.

The Windows Clipboard is very basic in nature. As a result, many free Clipboard alternatives like ArchiveClipboard, Enhanced Clipboard Manager, CopyCat, Clipboardic, Orange Note, Ditto, Clipboard Magic, etc, are available on the Internet.

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