How to Turn On/Off and Clear Clipboard History in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard feature lets you have a list of multiple copied text in place so you can reuse it. That said, we know for a fact all Clipboard Data is cleared every time the computer restarts, but how do we do it manually? In this post, we are sharing how you can turn on or off and clear clipboard history in Windows 10. This feature is now available with Windows 10 v1903.

Turn On/Off and Clear Clipboard History

Turn On/Off & Clear Clipboard History in Windows 10

Earlier, there was no feature to turn off the history of the clipboard. You had to use other ways to clear clipboard history. Microsoft did listen to the feedback and it’s here.

Turn off Cloud History in Windows 10

Steps to turn on/Off Windows 10 Clipboard History:

  1. Use WIN+X to open the Power menu and select Settings.
  2. Navigate to Settings > System > Clipboard
  3. Turn off the toggle under Clipboard history.

It means that we are turning off Cloud Clipboard feature. The default clipboard will hold one last item, and will not display the data on the clipboard.

If you press Win+V to invoke the clipboard manager, you will get a prompt — Cant’s show history, See all copied items in place, Turn on clipboard history now.

You can choose to turn it on by clicking the available button.

This only hides the existing data and ensures that no copy of the data is maintained.

Clear Clipboard without affecting its History Data

Echo trick to clear clipboard

There was a trick of using command prompt to clear clipboard data, i.e., echo off | clip, but it seems to be not working anymore. It creates a new but blank entry on top of the list of copied items. I remember using a software ClipTTL, which was using the same command every 20 seconds clear things. It will end up adding more blank data to the clipboard.

To clear clipboard without affecting its History Data, make sure to PIN the items on the clipboard that should stay.

Next, click on the three dotted menus and click on clear all. It will delete all the entries but will keep the items you have pinned.

Clear Clipboard data without clearing history

While it is sad that you can no more clear things automatically, it’s great that you can turn off the clipboard history.

I hope this helps!

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