How to Clear Clipboard using Shortcut, CMD or Context Menu in Windows 10

Windows stores the last copied or cut item in a temporary storage area called the Clipboard memory, till you restart or log off the computer. If you copy or cut something else, the earlier item gets replaced with the new one. For privacy or security purposes, you may at times, feel the need to clear the clipboard memory, to prevent Clipboard Data Theft. Should you wish and feel the need to clear your clipboard frequently, you can create a desktop shortcut to clear clipboard, or you could add an item to your desktop right-click context menu.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

To clear the clipboard history in Windows 10, you can use any of the following 3 methods:

  1. Clear Clipboard using Shortcut
  2. Clear Clipboard History using Command Prompt
  3. Add Clear Clipboard to Context Menu.

Let us take a look at these in detail.

1] Clear Clipboard using Shortcut


Right-click on the desktop, select New > Shortcut. In the  Location box, type the following:

%windir%\System32\cmd /c echo off | clip

Click Next and name the shortcut as Clear Clipboard. Click Finish.

Additionally, you may right-click on this new shortcut and select Properties. Here you could do the following three things if you wish:

  1. Give it a suitable new icon using the Change icon button
  2. Make the windows Run Minimized
  3. Give it a keyboard shortcut key.

2] Clear Clipboard History using Command Prompt

To clear the Clipboard History using the command line, open CMD.exe and execute the following command:

echo off | clip

3] Add Clear Clipboard to Context Menu

Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:


Clear Clipboard using Shortcut

In the left pane, right-click on Shell and select New > Key, and name it Clear Clipboard.

Next, right-click on this newly created Clear Clipboard key, select New > Key and name it Command.


Now in the right pane, double-click on Default, select Modify, and in the Value Data box, give it the following Value Data:

cmd.exe /c echo off | clip

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Click OK. Press F5 to refresh the registry and exit it.

You will now see the Clear Clipboard entry in the desktop context menu. You can use it to clear the Clipboard memory.


You can also easily add Clear Clipboard to or Context Menu using our Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

The Windows Clipboard is very basic in nature and does not offer many features. As a result, many free Clipboard alternatives like ArchiveClipboard, Enhanced Clipboard Manager, CopyCat, Clipboardic, Orange Note, Ditto, Clipboard Magic, etc, are available on the internet.

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