Remove or Turn System Icons like Clock On or Off in Windows 10 Taskbar

Windows 10 OS is different from its earlier versions, but retains some of the old features. For instance, Windows 10 displays a clock icon in desktop taskbar. The icon resides in the lower-right corner of the screen. The option proves handy for knowing current date and time however, some users find it of little use. As such they prefer removing it from the taskbar properties. This guide will walk you through the process of removing the clock from Windows 10 Taskbar.

clock icon

Remove Clock from Windows 10 Taskbar

For removing the Windows 10 desktop taskbar clock, you’ll have to make some changes in the Notifications & Actions section of the Windows 10 Settings app. To do so, move the mouse cursor to the lower right corner of your computer screen, right-click on the clock and select Customize notification icons as shown in the screenshot below.

customize Notification icons

Turn System Icons On or Off in Windows 10

Instantly, Quick Actions screen will be launched. The section primarily displays the apps that appear under the taskbar settings. In the right pane look for the option with the heading ‘Turn System Icons On or Off‘. Click this option and proceed to the next step.

Turn System Icons Off

Here, you will find, most of the icons are set “On” by default, with some exceptions depending on your configuration. ignoring these options, look for the clock option and to remove the clock from the Windows 10 taskbar, simply set the Clock entry to Off.


If, at any point you feel the previous setting was useful and would like to revert the changes, simply open the Settings app from the Start Menu. Then move to System > Notifications & Actions. Then, click ‘Turn System Icons On or Off’, find the entry for Clock, and set it to On. The clock will reappear on your taskbar requiring no reboot or restart.

It should be noted that, here, you can also turn on or turn off system icons of Volume, Network, Power, Input Indicator, Location, Action Center, etc.

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  1. Joe

    Hi, how to enable “system icons” on all taskbars?
    I have 3 monitor setup, and only on one monitor I have clock.
    I would like to have 3 clocks – one on each monitor.

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