Volume icon missing from Taskbar in Windows 10


  1. In the case of the Power and Volume options being greyed out when in Notifications (i.e. can’t turn them on), just open Task Manager, right-click on Windows Explorer and select Restart. Fixed the issue for me.

  2. I have noticed that I lose the speaker icon when i set my taskbar to auto-hide. If I leave it visible, the icon stays but on auto-hide I lose it within a day or two. Does anyone else have that happen?

  3. My volume option is not only off, it is greyed out. Gee, why can’t things just WORK?

  4. 1. Hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and open Task Manager
    2. Click on DETAILS tab
    3. Find explorer.exe, right-click, and click on END TASK
    4. On the top Menu Bar, click on FILE, RUN NEW TASK
    5. Enter explorer.exe in the task entry box and click on OK
    6. On the top Menu Bar, click on VIEW and REFRESH NOW
    7. Volume icon should reappear after refresh

  5. 1. Go to Device Manager – Sound, video, & game controller
    2. Disable, then enable the audio devices listed (sort of on then off)
    3. Restart computer

  6. Thanks! I just went through five different sites with various recommendations and yours is the only one that worked. Took all of 2 seconds.

  7. yeah it’s funny I saw this because I set mine to auto-hide yesterday and noticed the speaker icon today. Restarting Windows Explorer in the task manager fixed the issue instantly for me

  8. I had the problem of the volume icon disappearing from the tray…Did the restart suggested by you and it came back!!! Searched many sites and several solutions…but yours is the only solution that worked…and in seconds..!! Thanks

  9. You’ll have to right-click on the task bar, hit Settings all the way at the bottom of the popup window, and then click on “Select which icons appear on the task bar”. If Volume and/or Power are both greyed out, you’ll need to restart Windows Explorer via Task Manager.

  10. Good job! Thanks for the tip – works great! If you apply for a job at Mr Gates’ company, I’ll give you a recommendation!

  11. I can’t believe how Windows 10 can feel like a public alpha test of some software, even though it’s been out a good amount of time. It’s so incredibly broken I’m close to giving Linux a go with a VM for Windows, only for the programs I need it for…

  12. The fix works for me but when I log off my laptop and log back on the volume icon has disappeared again.

    Is there a fix that will keep the icon there as it’s very frustrating having to do go through this every time I log off :(

  13. this thing happens to me now after a windows updating, so why do they think it would be good to make it disappear? I don’t get what microsoft is thinking……………………….

  14. None of these solutions worked:
    1. “turn system icons on or off” does not exist
    2. I don’t have explorer, just Chrome and Edge (if you’re wondering, I did have the sound icon before, but after recent update it’s gone)
    3. I don’t have windows 10 group policy whatever that is

  15. That was really helpful! Thanks a lot, Silent Political Yeoman!

    And thanks to AnandK@TWC for writing an article about this, enabling the best and most straightforward solution to be posted as a comment. :-)

  16. The sound icon doesn’t show up on the system menu on my computer or taskbar. Other problems I have are that my laptop doesn’t turn off when closed even though I have it set to do that and my battery icon always shows that the battery isn’t present even though it is. I need the charger put in, which automatically turns it on and it works without a battery in.

  17. The “Turn system icon on or off” link is now located in a different place in the 6/18 version of Windows 10.

  18. This is 2018 and this STILL is the one and only solution that worked for me as well! I’ve read and tried many different procedures, but this is the only one that actually works! THANK YOU So MUCH!

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