Turn on GPS Power Saver in Microsoft Band 2

Fitness lovers will find another excuse to exercise longer and meet their overall health goals with GPS Power Saver in Microsoft Band 2. It’s no hidden secret that GPS facility is the quickest way to drain battery life of Microsoft Band 2. As such, bikers and runners often find it difficult to make the optimal use of Microsoft Band 2.

GPS Power Saver in Microsoft Band 2

Imagine an event where you are running a long marathon and the battery life of your wearable is not long enough for a half-marathon and definitely not long enough for a full marathon. Anticipating this shortcoming, you have to carry a small, portable power supply every time with you. That’s the story of the past!

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Microsoft has provided an additional 4 hours of battery life in Microsoft Band 2. Yes, users can now extend the battery life of their wearable with GPS Power Saver mode. GPS Power Saver mode and weight-tracking functionality are available through the Microsoft Health app and help you maximize your time and your resources and get you more of what you want.

Extend your Microsoft Band 2 Life

The new GPS Power Saver feature added to Microsoft Band 2 lets the device’s GPS sample your location in intervals, rather than in a continuous single stretch, by turning on GPS Power Saver. Even with GPS Power Saver turned on, Microsoft Health will still map your route in the mobile app and web dashboard without consuming much battery power. This will help you reach the finishing line with your full performance summary and observations, even on those long rides.

How to Turn on GPS Power saver in Microsoft Band 2

To locate GPS Power Saver feature in Microsoft Band 2 and turn it on:

Open either the Bike or Run tile.

Then, swipe over to the GPS screen and ensure the GPS feature is turned on.

Swipe up to reveal the GPS Power Saver and turn it on.

That’s it!

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