Trend Micro RansomBuster will stop Ransomware by protecting sensitive folders

RansomBuster is a new free anti-ransomware tool from Trend Micro that will help stop all forms of Ransomware attacks on your Windows computer in its tracks, by providing an additional layer of security. It does so by blocking access by an unauthorized process to your important folders. Let us take a look at this anti-ransomware software for Windows PC.

RansomBuster for Windows PC

Ransom Buster offers protection against all forms of ransomware, by blocking access to unknown processes to your protected files automatically. It enhances your current security software with an extra layer of protection.

RansomBuster is built on TrendMicro’s Anti-Malware Security Platform (the same platform as their Internet Security products) and so it also contains their “Damage Recovery Engine”. This allows RansomBuster to analyze malware that has slipped past the permission based protection and started encrypting files. Before any files are encrypted, the tool halts the process, backs up the file and allow the encryption to proceed. If a number of files are encrypted in rapid succession, the tool stops and kills the process and recovers the files to their original location and notifies the user. Additionally, if there is a folder name change on one of the protected folders, Trend will notify the user that they need to reset the protection.

Once you have downloaded its setup file from Trend Micro, run it to commence the installation.

Once the installation is completed, you will be asked to select the folders you want to protect.

Click on Select Folders to Protect to open the following panel and then click on the Manage Folders button to add or remove folders.


Trend Micro RansomBuster for Windows

By default the Documents and a few other folders are already protected. Once done, click OK to exit.

This ransomware protection tool allows popular applications to automatically access your protected folders. But you can also grant software programs you trust access to protected files.

To do so, click on the Trusted Program List link on the main console and use the Add or Remove buttons to add or remove programs from this list.

When the program is running, its program icon will sit lightly in the notification area of your Taskbar. If you double-click on the program’s icon in the system tray the following main console opens – which will let you manage the folders and the programs.

The tool is quite easy to use. Simply install it, select a folder to protect, and you are done. Moreover, it will not slow down your PC, and moreover, no virus pattern updates are required. The program is set to update automatically as and when required.

This tool appears to be offering similar protection that Controlled Folder Access offers in Windows 10 v1709, so I am not sure how useful it will be to the users of this Windows version. However, it is a must-use tool for all other Windows versions.

Seeing the spate of Ransomware attacks occurring, it is definitely a good idea to prevent ransomware attacks by making use of an additional anti-ransomware software. It is available for download from It works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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  1. iPhoneTrash2017

    Cool tool. Only problem I have is Trend Micro has merged with CIA contractor Booz Allen.. Not sure I trust their stuff on my systems.

  2. MN

    Be careful … installed this on 2 pc’s (win 10’s with fall update) and both started to have problems (freezing, BSOD). After reinstalling I’m back to normal.

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