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If you are a blogger or a content writer, you surely might have felt the need for a good Grammar and Spell Checker freeware in your system. Writing good and error free posts is the key to being a good blogger. No matter how good your content is, if you are not good at spelling; it could ruin it all. Spelling mistakes is not always about your skills, as it could also be a typographic error sometimes, but these errors can cause harm and are no ways to be over-looked. Installing a good spell checker software therefore, is the only safe way to check and avoid spelling errors or typographic errors.

Although Microsoft Word has its own spell checker and it works well, it can’t help you everywhere. There are many other applications which do not include the spell checker options – and obviously we won’t prefer opening Word or Google every now and then to check the spellings.

Free Spell Checker Software For Windows

After trying out WordExpander, I decided to try TinySpell, another free spell checker software for Windows. It is a simple yet impressive spell checking utility which works quite well. However, I found a few hiccups also – but then again every good thing come with a few issues. TinySpell is a spell checking freeware which checks our spellings as we type and also give suggestions for the correct spellings. It doesn’t have an enormous dictionary, but has a sufficient 110,000 words dictionary for a normal use. It is an easy to use program and can be enabled or disabled directly from the taskbar.

TinySpell Review

TinySpell keeps an eye on whatever, and wherever you type, may it be an address bar or a text document in notepad.

When there is a spelling error in any of your words, the hot-key tips of TinySpell shows the misspelled word, and right-clicking on that word will display a list of spelling suggestions or the optional replacements to the misspelled word.  Check-out the screenshots below to understand better.tinyspell

tinyspell spell checker

Unlike the other spell checker software, TinySpell also plays an error beep whenever you type a misspelled word. This beep, however seems a bit irritating to me and so I turned it off. The visual cue of TinySpell allows you to turn the beep OFF or ON.

TinySpell not only helps you in Word or Notepad, but also give you correct spelling suggestions while typing in the browser address bar, search box and other web applications.

tinyspell features

tinyspell spell checking software

TinySpell Variants

TinySpell spell checker for Windows comes in two different variants, one of free and other is paid. The features vary according to the version you have.

  • TinySpell     (Free Version)
  • TinySpell + (Paid Version) is available at a starting price of $10

TinySpell Free Version Features

  • Checks spelling in any Windows application
  • Checks spelling on-the-fly (alerts if the last typed word was misspelled)
  • Checks spelling of text that is copied to the clipboard
  • Allows you to specify applications for which TinySpell is disabled or enabled
  • Allows you to add words to the dictionary
  • Optionally beeps on error (beep sound can be easily set to any wav file)
  • Optionally displays a spelling tip
  • Opens replacements list with a simple mouse click or a hot-key
  • Optionally copies the selected replacement word to the clipboard
  • Optionally inserts the selected replacement word into the document
  • Provides easy access to on-line web services
  • (Search, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia)
  • Easy Enable/Disable
  • Uses little system resources

TinySpell + comes with some additional features.

Shortcomings of TinySpell

  • The error beep is a bit irritating, in my opinion. While typing we often press the wrong keys and correct our errors immediately but the TinySpell beep rings with every wrong key which is quite annoying at times. Although we can turn the beep OFF, I would have prefered some other solution.
  • Unwanted suggestions are the other thing I didn’t like about TinySpell.

The bottom line is that TinySpell is a worth trying, if you are looking for a free spell checker for Windows. You can download TinySpell Free from here.

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