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I still remember the times when we used to run our finger down the page – and rather many more pages in the dictionary, to get the meaning of a word. Gone are the times when we used to search for the mysterious word with full attention.

Things have changed, and now we can get the word meanings with just a few clicks. The concept of a print dictionary is now replaced with the modern dictionary apps and dictionary websites. There are numerous web apps and dictionary websites providing you the flair of checking the word meaning in just a few seconds. WordWeb is one such desktop for Windows that I have used. The program includes a complete dictionary and thesaurus for American, Canadian, British, Indian, Australian, and global English.

Free Dictionary & Thesaurus Software

WordWeb is one of the best dictionary programs I have ever used. Besides giving you the exact meaning of a word, this program brings many more features. I get audio pronunciation, text pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, similar word, related verbs, adjectives, adverbs and related nouns as well from this program.

Let me explain you with a few examples.

  • Let me take the word ‘Quadruplicate’ for example. Now, what I know about this word is that it must be something related to number FOUR, but WordWeb has some more information me about this word. Check out the screenshot. The program shows its meaning, its usage, the text pronunciation, audio pronunciation, related adjective, noun, and verb. Isn’t that great!! wordweb eample
  • Next example I would like to take is of a phrase instead of a word. Yes! WordWeb not just help us with the words, but also with the phrases. I am taking a very common phrase Topsy-Turvy here to explain the functionality of the program. You can see in the screenshot below that the desktop program WordWeb has all about the phrase; its use, related adjective, noun, and verb. wordweb example topsy-turvy
  • WordWeb gives you all the meanings of a word. wordweb niche example
  • Let me show you an example here. I am taking the word ‘Niche’ here. What all I knew about the word was that ‘it is a position or an occupation of an individual’, but I never knew that it is also related to the curvature. wordweb niche example2
  • Check out what else I know about the word ‘Niche’ now.  wordweb niche example 3
  • Now comes the pronunciation. According to various reviews posted about the program over the web, it is not always right with the pronunciations. Although, I haven’t yet come across any such problem.wordweb pronunciation 2
  • You can also turn off the vulgar or offensive synonyms or select your language in this program from ‘Preferences’ settings under ‘Options’ menu.

general settings wordweb

  • You can also chose the Locale.

wordweb locale

Overall, WordWeb is a powerful free English dictionary and thesaurus. Its local database and instant results make it one of the best dictionary program available online. It also offers integrated online word searches via Wiktionary and Wikipedia.

WordWeb free version download

You can download this free dictionary and thesaurus program from HERE.

Also check out Lingoes, the free Text Translator & Dictionary software.

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  1. Ash

    I still prefer Lingoes. It’s definitely the best free dictionary for Windows users.

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