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Configure how Microsoft Edge treats Cookies

Internet Cookies is not a new term of today’s computing generation. It is an interaction between a web browser and a server holding a web page in which the server sends a Cookie to the browser, and the browser sends […]

Location of Cookies folder in Windows 10

Where are Cookies in Windows 10/8/7? Where is the location of the Cookies folder? Starting with Windows Vista, things have changed a bit. Type Cookies in Start Menu, and it may take you to C:\Users\Username\Cookies folder. When you try to click on […]

Protect Cookies

Manage Cookies of all Browsers in one place with CookieSpy

Whenever someone opens a website, the server of that website transmits an Internet Cookie to the visitor’s browser. The browser accumulates all the Cookies and send it back to the web server of that website every time, whenever that person […]

Enable or Disable 3rd-party cookies in IE app on Windows 8.1

Earlier we explained you about an Internet Cookie and the different types of Internet Cookies. We also detailed the steps that need to be followed in order to block or allow Third-Party Cookies in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. In this […]

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Remove Internet Explorer Expired Cookies From Windows 10

Microsoft Internet Explorer stores Cookies in different files on your hard disk drive. The more you browse the web, the more cookies are stored on your PC. Each cookie has its own lifetime; from several seconds to several years. However, […]


Different types of Internet Cookies

An Internet Cookie is a small snippet of information sent from a web server to a user’s browser, which then stores it. On subsequent access to the same web server this server can then read back this information snippet and […]

Browser Independent Cookies – Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag?

What is a Flash cookie? What is a Silverlight cookie? And what are Browser Independent Cookies? The third question (last one) is the answer to first two questions. Flash Cookies are small files that store a good amount of information […]

How to delete EVEN the Flash Cookies in Windows

So you have used the Disk Cleanup utility and have cleared out your browsing history, cache and cookies. Now no one can see where you’ve been on the web, right? Wrong! Flash Cookies are stored separately and most junk cleaners […]