OSArmor constantly monitors & blocks suspicious processes on Windows PC

Recent ransomware attacks have attracted a lot of attention from security experts all around the globe. While everyone is looking out for robust solutions, there are few tools out there that can add layers of security to your device. One such tool is NoVirusThanks OSArmor developed by security experts at NoVirusThanks. OSArmor is a free tool that adds another layer of security by constantly monitoring and blocking suspicious processes to prevent any infection by malware, ransomware, and other threats.

OSArmor adds a layer of security


The application runs in the background and constantly scans the processes for any suspicious activity. It comes preloaded with more than 30 security policies that help in distinguishing between the normal and bad behavior of a process. This tool is not a replacement for your Antivirus Program but is intended to run along with it. It can easily catch the threats that might be skipped by the Antivirus.

OSArmor Configurator has been designed keeping in mind the average daily user. It does not require any configuration and setup. Just download and install it, it is ready to use. Optionally you can configure the settings as per your requirements, but the default settings work pretty much fine for normal users.

Now coming to the real question, what does the tool do? What are the security policies? In this section of the post, we’ve discussed some of the security policies that come in OSArmor.

Basic Anti-Exploit Protection

This sort of protection is must in all the security tools. It can prevent exploited payloads from a child process from parent process or vice versa.

Block Process Execution

OSArmor involves a lot of policies that involve blocking processes from execution. OSArmor can block processes that come with the double file extension (i.e., pdf.exe). Moreover, it can also block files with ‘.pif’ and ‘.com’ extension. Apart from extensions, the tool blocks all other suspicious processes or the processes that were started from a suspicious location. Remember that all these policy settings are configurable and can be changed at any point in time.

Block System Process

Barring system processes from some activities can prevent a lot of threats and close a lot of security loopholes. OSArmor can block system modifications using Bcedit.exe. It can prevent Regsvr32.exe from executing remote scripts and from using PowerShell. Also, it can prevent system processes from executing suspicious command-line strings. And prevent rundll32.exe from disabling mouse and keyboard. There are many more such policies that prevent system processes from carrying out certain tasks that might create security vulnerabilities.

Protect Microsoft Office Apps

OSArmor can guard your computer against the DDE exploits in Office that have been discovered recently. It will monitor and prevent Office Applications from executing any malicious process that could harm your system.

Monitor Applications

OSArmor can also monitor third-party applications and block all kind of suspicious process started by these applications. It can monitor TeamViewer, Adobe PDF Reader, Web Browsers and much more.

As I mentioned, the program keeps running and performing out its tasks in the background. All the statistics can be viewed by opening OSArmor from the system tray. Moreover, you can view detailed logs and error messages by clicking on ‘Open Logs Folder’.

OSArmor is an armor that protects Windows from all kinds of threats. It is a simple, flexible and easy to use and can run seamlessly along with your existing Antivirus Program. The smart policies add an additional layer of security and ensure the real-time protection of your computer.

Click here to download OSArmor.

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