Optimize & make folders display content faster in Windows 10


  1. I am already using the folder optimization technique since Windows 7 release.The folder displays much faster after applying this trick

  2. Thank you so much. I have been getting so upset about this when trying to get to a folder within a mapped drive it would refresh itself three times before the folder I wanted would show up. They should have just brought back the blank screen with the hour glass again like XP and previous versions of Windows.

  3. This only helps if the folder contents are of a realistic size, if the folders contain a very large amount of files this trick is little to no help at all and you will still get the green “loading” bar.

  4. Must be a rare breed – a windows enthusiast – So if I want to apply this to my all my folders on all my drives – there is no global setting [Windows 8] ? I have to step through every head folder on every drive, sigh!

  5. How do we kill this, with fire, is what I need to know?.. Decades of no “smart” optimization (by insane Micro$oft programmers) and my hard drives have remained in normal operating condition. Looking for the Service to Disable, to shut this down – like, pronto, OMG. o.0

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