Change Mouse Pointer color and make it solid black in Windows 10 for better visibility

The default mouse pointer in Windows 10 operating system is white with a black border – like in the earlier versions of Windows. While most are cool with it, some may find it difficult to notice – especially those who may be differently abled. Sure you can always change the Windows Cursor thickness & Blinking Rate to make it more visible or you can press CTRL key to locate mouse pointer. But Windows 10 you change Mouse Pointer color and make it solid black easily.

Make mouse pointer & cursor solid black

Make mouse pointer solid black

To make your mouse pointer sold black, click on the Start Button to open Start.

Next, click open Settings > Ease of Access > Mouse.

You will see the settings which let you change the Pointer and Cursor size, thickness and the pointer and cursor colors.

Here you can change the pointer and cursor size. You can also change the Pointer color. The first one is the default, and it is white inside, as mentioned.

Choose the middle option and it becomes solid black.

If you select the 3rd option under Pointer color, if you move your pointer over a black background, that part of the cursor or pointer will become white automatically.

Try each of them and see which suits you the best and then set it.

This will improve the visibility of your mouse pointer and cursor.

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  1. John E Reese

    I have a end user which requires a red arrow and other mouse tools in red. I have found them on the internet at no cost. The trick is to copy the new “icons” into the mouse pointer folder. I was hoping MS would add more colors to mouse controls, still just B/W been this way since XP.

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