How to install or change Mouse Pointers & Cursors in Windows


  1. I have a question. My friend in Ohio has Windows 7. And when she wants to send a E-mail out her cursor goes haywire and she has trouble finding it or it goes all over the screen. Would it be possible that you could give me some information how she could correct this problem and where to look. I appreciate any help that you would or could help me with.

  2. I have an out of control cursor too. I usually use the pad on my laptop but when I try to move the arrow cursor a miniature scroll bar appears at various times and the cursor is not in control. How do I get rid of this irritating scroll bar cursor?? Thor

  3. I think u need a new mouse the wireless one Microsoft is the best one. now if that doesnot work the driver is corrupt and replace it new ones or update it.

  4. no that’s not it–already done that. It’s somebodies concept of a good idea and it should be an optional configuration. Similar to posting here. I have no desire to junk up my computer with something called Disqus, don’t need to report everytime I pick my nose with Facebook, certainly not Tweeting anything and google doesn’t come close to Dogpile. You might think all that is a necessary part of your life. Not hardly.

  5. There are some ideas for fixes for the scrolling cursor in some websites. Some call it virtual scrolling and it is stupid. When you are using your cursor suddenly it changes to this “virtual scroller” and stays like that for awhile and then some how it goes away. Some sites said to find this in the settings for the mouse and turn it off, but I can’t seem to find it in my settings. There must be a way to change it without doing that. What ever triggers it when I am using my cursor, if I knew what it was, maybe I could control it some how.

  6. Bulls eye mouse cursors do not work on windows 7. When selecting the new cursor there is no preview and selecting it does not replace cursor. I need help for eye problems.

  7. Is there any way to change the drag and drop cursor? it’s the only one that isn’t present in that dialog.

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