Top Free Audio Editors for Windows: Review & Download

Choosing the best software is always a difficult task, you have to compare software from various aspects, and not just that you also need to look for its user friendliness and system requirements. It was a difficult task for me to choose the best three audio editors for this article. However, I’ve tried my best to put up a list of some of the best useful Audio Editors for Windows.

Free Audio Editors

We have in our list: Audacity, the most popular and feature-filled audio editor and then we have MP3 Toolkit which is a bunch of various audio tools and after that, we have WaveShop audio editor which is a portable audio editor with endless features.



Audacity is a widely used free audio editor which comes with lots of features that lets you edit every inch of your Audio files. Moreover, it is open-source and cross-platform. Audacity supports almost all of the audio formats and comes with all essential and some professional features. In addition to simple cutting and pasting, Audacity allows you to give effects like fades and mixing.

Audacity is somewhat like a professional audio editing software, and it may be difficult to use for some users who are not in the habit of dealing with such software – but overall Audacity is the best one.

MP3 Toolkit

MP3 Cutter

As the name suggests, MP3 Toolkit is a complete kit which has further many utilities that let you perform various operations with your MP3 file. It comes with all the basic utilities like MP3 Conversion, CD to MP3 Ripper, MP3 Tag Editor, MP3 Merger, MP3 cutter and MP3 Recorder. All these utilities further have many interesting and useful features.

MP3 Toolkit is an essential, if you find using Audacity difficult, then go for MP3 Toolkit, it is easier to operate, but still has many features that would let you edit the MP3 file.

WaveShop Audio Editor

audio editing software

I’ve put this editor into our top list because of its portable functioning and some other features. The interface is similar to that of Audacity, but there are still a lot of differences. WaveShop editor comes with lots of features and it even lets you add some professional blend like Fading, Amplifying, and all. It can change audio formats, and it also includes Audio Modulation.

If you are looking for something small and portable, then go for WaveShop Audio Editor or Wavosaur. They are great portable utilities with great features. Looking for more? Take a look at NCH Wavepad Audio Editor, MP3 Toolkit, Free Easy Audio Editor and mp3DirectCut.

That was all on my list of best audio editing software. Please let me know if you agree with my selection of if you’d like to list your favorite freeware audio editor here.

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  1. Dan

    You’re spot-on about Audacity; I use a portable version, and it rivals or sometimes exceeds what commercial audio/NLE video editing sound can punch up for me! But you’re also right that it can be tough to get used to…you’ve got to dig up your own LAME library to use MP3 capabilities, and I could find only ONE download “in left field” where functioning ffmpeg library still existed (so one can import sound from video). There are also available some plugins for explosive sounds/further audio editing effects. Extensible IF one is familiar with the schema.

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