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change dual volume control headphones

How to disable Absolute Volume on Windows 10

Bluetooth Headphones, as you know, connect to your phone wirelessly. This ability enables you to talk on the phone or listen to music without using wires or cords. You can even adjust the volume of a left or right speaker. […]

Windows 10 Stereo Mix not working or picking audio

Stereo Mix is a feature in Windows 10 which allows you to record audio using it as source with another software. If Stereo Mix in Windows 10 is not working, not showing or not picking audio from the source, then […]

What is lossless Audio compression

What is Lossy and Lossless Audio compression?

Data Compression is one of the most important components of this world driven by petabytes of data daily. We, as humans are generating data every second. For walking to running, from eating to drinking, our devices are monitoring our data […]

Fix MSI Laptop Headphone jack not working

Headphone jack not working on laptop

Some Windows laptops, mostly the newer ones that come with the NVIDIA RTX series GPUs have been facing issues where their headphone jack does not work. However, internal speakers continue to work fine. Even with the latest versions of all […]

Sound delay occurs on Windows 10

Sound delays, lags and audio latency in Windows 10

Almost every action in Windows 10 is followed by a sound, especially on laptops. Now, what if you are experiencing a noticeable delay in that sound? I am not talking about a delay of a minute, but noticeable which could […]

What is AGC Microphone in Windows 10? Should it be On or Off?

I am sure, most Windows 10 users might have noticed an option called AGC under Microphone settings of Windows 10 – or accidentally discovered it while diagnosing a problem. What is this AGC Microphone in Windows 10 and its significance? […]

Edit audio like a pro with Ocenaudio for Windows 10

Over the many years, we’ve covered a lot of audio editors, quite a few were too complicated for the average Joe or Jane to use properly. With that in mind, we decided to search around for something more user-friendly. After […]

TeamViewer audio not working on Windows 10

TeamViewer connects any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. The tool helps you get uninterrupted streaming and clear audio during meeting sessions as well offer and give support. But on a few occasions, the sharing of […]

Dolby Home Theater not working in Windows 10

Dolby Home Theater not working in Windows 10

Dolby Home Theater systems are the best way to get that movie theater experience when watching a film or whatever else. These devices are truly phenomenal, especially the ones that deliver 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. You might not have […]

Best Free Sound & Audio Equalizer software for Windows 10 PC

Audio Equalizers play a vital role for music lovers and sound professionals. It helps you choose the right frequency and lets you balance different sound components. I am not exactly an audiophile but its always great to listen to music […]

Reduce or Remove Background Noise using Audacity for Windows PC

While trying to do a simple voice narration we might experience a continual and consistent hiss or whistling sound in the background. Troubled, unnecessarily by the issue, we start looking for ways to resolve this issue and come across multiple […]

Windows 10 Sound & Audio not working after Update

Windows 10 Sound & Audio not working after Update

Some users who updated their computers to Windows 10 v1803 are at the center of another problem. This time, it’s all about the audio, and of course, folks are angry because you know how much computer users love their audio. […]