Edit MP3 audio with mp3DirectCut for Windows PC

MPEG audio is one of the most widely used audio formats around today, so there should be no surprises when there’s an app dedicated to editing audio based on this format alone. This program is called mp3DirectCut, and you know what? We like it. This free audio & recorder for Windows PC, lets you easily edit MPEG files.

You’ll notice that mp3DirectCut is just a tiny program due to its size. It is merely little under 300KB, so with that known, some might believe there is not much to see here. Well, that’s truly not the case, and we’re going to explain why in a bit.


mp3DirectCut audio editor & recorder

After downloading this audio editor, we naturally made moves to install it on our test computer. However, we came across an issue where the installer could not create a directory, so to fix this, we just had to change the installation path. We chose the Desktop, but it is possible to install it anywhere else.

Launching the program will bring to the forefront the user interface. It’s no looker, but it is not difficult to understand so that’s a plus right there.

To edit an MP3 file, just click on File>Open and locate the audio you want to add. Once done, every icon that was previous greyed out will now be highlighted, and as such, this is where things become complicated. There are so many things to do here that we had to sit back and take a look at the user interface for a second before commencing our edit.

We are not experts at doing this sort of thing, but determination brought us through.

To play the added audio, look to the bottom-right for the play button alongside the stop and record buttons. Listen to your file to make sure it is the right one, and to find where you’d want to cut out or to add you content.

To edit the audio, venture do the audio box in the middle, user the mouse pointer to choose where to edit. After that, it is possible to remove the selected element or cut it to the clipboard. Users can even change the volume at certain times. This is all done without the need to decompress the MP3 file to the PCM format.

Doing so saves disk space and time. Furthermore, there’s no loss in the overall quality, which is always a good thing.

Overall, we found out that mp3DirectCut is designed for experts, and we’re none of that. However, doing basic editing is a breeze once all the necessary aspects of the user interface has been understood.

Download the mp3DirectCut file from the official website right here.

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  1. undine

    I’ve been using this program for years and think that it is great. Undine

  2. Peter Alexander London

    Furthermore, there’s no loss in the overall quality, which is always a good thing.
    Excuse me, but MP3 ?? I use flac and flac 24 bits now we talk music quality

  3. SuperSophisticatedOne

    Thanks for this recommendation! Works great. I just tried it and its very much simple and easy to use. Love the option to keep it in portable mode. Nice software!

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