WaveShop: Free portable audio editor software for Windows

Now you can touch every part of your audio file without affecting the rest by using WaveShop, an easy and portable audio editor software for Windows. WaveShop is an open source application which is fast, lightweight and performs the task of audio editing quite easily. With WaveShop you can patch a file segment of your choice. WaveShop is bit-perfect, which means that the samples are not going to alter unless they need to be. Only that part of the audio file will be affected and other will remain untouched.

easy and portable audio editor

Audio editor software

Some of the features of WaveShop which make it different from the rest of the software of the same category are as follows:

  • It is very fast in its operation  because all processing is done inside the memory
  • Bit-perfect: sample aren’t going to change unless needed
  • Can edit file exceeding 2GB size in 64-bit version
  • Unlimited undo operation can be perform
  • Ability to change audio format
  • Portability
  • Easy to use
  • Effects: normalize, amplify, fade in/out/custom
  • DirectSound for playback
  • Audio modulation.

The installation of the WaveShop software is very simple. You simply need to download it and start using it. Installing this easy and portable audio editor does not take much time as the total size of the software is just 3.2MB and since it is a freeware you get it free of cost.

After installing, you can see six buttons present on the upper section of the window. Click on ‘File’ to open a new WaveShop file. You can open a file by clicking on open option that is present in the file menu.

Once the file is added, all other options like play/pause, stop, rewind, loop and record automatically appear on the upper section of the window.

easy and portable audio editor

All options like amplify, extract, fade etc. are seen in the menu of the audio button. Whatever you select, an option related window will appear on screen. For example, if you select amplify option under audio menus, amplify related window will appear on the screen.

easy and portable audio editor

As most of the time you need to perform operations like Amplify, Normalize, Invert etc, this software proves to be useful for such purpose. The Plug-in section is available to provide further functionality.

WaveShop free download

WaveShop supports plenty of file types for reading and writing purpose. Copying and pasting of audio without affecting the rest of the file content seems to be easy with WaveShop. With minimum complications and excellent Help files, WaveShop is one of the excellent tool of its category. Click here to download the software and start enjoying your audio file operation with it.

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