NCH Wavepad Audio Editor lets you edit audio files like a Pro

Playing with audio files requires right tools and proper skills. If you have a passion for editing audio files or creating your own mix of songs, you first need to look out for an audio editing software which pitches best with your requirements. At times, Audio editing can be quite time-consuming, especially in the post-production phase. It takes a lot to effort remove the soft noises, leveling volumes and adding extra sound effects. Today, we are going to review NCH Wavepad Audio Editor, one such amazingly lightweight free audio editing software that might suit your needs the best.

NCH Wavepad Audio Editor

NCH Wavepad Audio Editor is an effective tool with a large number of features to begin with. It allows you to record or edit music, voice or other recordings with powerful tools to create your own custom soundtrack. Let’s have a brief look at its feature set.

NCH Wavepad Audio Editor

The best thing about NCH Wavepad Audio Editor is that it is exceptionally lightweight. With just around 1 MB in size, it bring along a load of features that you can expect from a pro audio editor software. Below is a rundown of what it has to offer:

Powerful audio file editing options

NCH Wavepad Audio Editor comes stuffed with several features. With an easy to use interface, you can edit, cut, split, copy, paste, silence, trim any audio files within minutes. It even allows batch processing of several audio files to apply effects for all at once. It supports all the major audio formats and you can easily port your music file and make a ringtone out of it. Rich editing effects like amplification, normalization, equalizer, enveloping, reverb, reverse etc. makes audio editing real fun.

Play with audio files like a pro using NCH Wavepad Audio Editor

Good Tools for richer experience

Play with audio files like a pro using NCH Wavepad Audio Editor

NCH Wavepad Audio Editor also provides various tools to help you edit audio files:

  • Create bookmarks and regions to easily find, recall and assemble segments of long audio files
  • Tools include spectral analysis (FFT), speech synthesis (text-to-speech), and voice changer
  • Audio restoration features including noise reduction and click pop removal
  • Automatic beat detection and lossless MP3 editing mode
  • Surround sound editing options
  • Vast sound library to download audio files.

Play with audio files like a pro using NCH Wavepad Audio Editor

These are just a few of the decent tools to help you with your editing work.


Whether you are a Pro sound engineer or just want to play around with music files, NCH Wavepad Audio Editor has got it all to help you through. It works great on Windows 10 as well. A free version of WavePad audio editing software is available for non-commercial use only. It does not expire and includes most of the features of the normal version. You can download it here.

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  1. Jon

    I used to use this app for some time. However I don’t like the installation routine of NCH.They add tons of shell links which will be left over after deinstallation. If the company would change this policy I would return to the very small but nevertheless powerful audio editor.

  2. Thanks for this feedback.

  3. Michael Kenward


    NCH has done evil things in the past. (Not sure if they have mended their ways.)

    It isn’t just the “tons of shell links”, they had the effect of hijacking many file associations. When you clicked a file, up popped an NCH prompt asking you to install some of its crummy software.

    The flood of complaints may have prompted NCH to change it tactics, but this behaviour was enough to put me off its stuff for life.

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