Audacity: Free Digital Audio Editor and Recorder for Windows

While there are a lot of audio editors out there, it is difficult to choose the best audio editor, that can perform various editing tasks free of cost. There is one however, that comes pretty close to being among the best, and that is Audacity, a free, open source, cross-platform audio editor and recording application which will work great on your Windows.

Free Digital Audio Editor and Recorder

Audacity can be used to handle many audio formats and it can even help you in giving audio effects such as normalization, trimming, and fading in and out, to your audio files.

Audacity Features

Audacity has some really cool and interesting features that can help you out, every time you edit your audio. It has a professional looking and an easy to use Multi-language interface. Check out all the features in the following feature list:

  • Large audio format support includes OGG, Vorbis and many others
  • Sound playback option
  • Unlimited Undo layers
  • Good Plug-in support (LADSPA)
  • Multi channel support
  • Recorded live audio
  • Noise Removal
  • wxWidgets
  • Supported effects by Nyquist
  • Conversion to digital
  • Convenient sound editing with cut copy paste commands
  • Mixing with different tracks at the same time.

Unfortunately, Audacity does not ship with an MP3 encoder. This is because, the algorithm to encode or create MP3 files is patented and therefore cannot be included. But Audacity does offer the ability to use other MP3 encoders – which you will need to download separately.

Audacity Format Support

Audacity offers good support for formats and it can edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files. It can record and edit 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit (floating point) samples. It can also create WAV or AIFF files and can import MPEG audio. You will not face any problems as far as format support is concerned.

Audacity Download

Audacity has been developed by a group of tech enthusiast volunteers and now is distributed with a GNU/GPL license. It has clocked over 76.5 Million downloads at SourceForge.  If you have liked what you have read, you can go here to download Audacity.

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