How to split and merge Audio files using Audacity

If you have been into the music industry for even one month, Audacity will be nothing new to you. Audacity is one of the best professional designed audio editing tools available for free and for different platforms including Windows. But if you have just started using this tool, and you do not have any idea about what this tool can do, here are two simple tricks that may help you get started. I will show you how to split and merge audios using Audacity.

There are times when we want to set our favorite song as our mobile phone ringtone. We may also want to merge two or more audio files into one to make a mashup. Both these tasks can be carried with the help of Audacity, the free audio editing tool.

Split audio files

Once you have installed Audacity, open the music file with it. You will find the selection tool visible in the top icon bar, which looks like a capital I or the cursor.

How to split and merge audio files using Audacity-4

Click on it and choose the part where you want to split the audio. You can make 3 parts, 3 or even more. If you want to divide it into two parts, just use the Selection tool to click on the actual position. Do the same if you want to divide it into three sections.

After clicking once, you have to split the audio file. To do this, press Ctrl + I or go to Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split.

How to split and merge audio files using Audacity-5

Now, select the unwanted part and export the audio. To export, go to File > Export Audio. Next, you have to choose a path, file name, file extension, etc. to complete the export.

Merge audio files

This is easier than splitting.  Open the desired audio files with Audacity. Make sure that you have already selected the two audio files. Now, click on the Time Shift Tool. It looks like a two-sided arrow.

How to split and merge audio files using Audacity

Place the Time Shift Tool at the starting of the second audio file or the audio that you want to play later.

split and merge Audio files

Click here and drag it towards the end of the first audio. Your placement should look like this-

How to split and merge audio files using Audacity-3

Now, go to File > Export Audio and export your merged audio file. Finally, you have to enter a location, name, and file extension for the file.

Hope you find this tutorial to split and merge audio files easy to understand.

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