The User Profile Service failed the logon, User profile cannot be loaded


  1. Sadly the article seems to hide what I believe is some important information about using either fix it or manually following these directions, ie; users likely will lose all data not backed up preferably o an external hard drive, I also presume the data losses will include all emails on file, email handlers settings, the loss of IE Favorites, etc., etc., etc.

    As such, if I’m correct, would’nt we say the article is pretty irresponsible?

  2. I had problem loading a brand new profile on one of our Windows 7 machines. Finally got it to load by turning off the UAC in the administrators account.

  3. each time i get an update from microsoft on my dell notebook i get the following error the user profile service failed the login user profile cannot be loaded,,,, i have to log in as a diff user and backup restore to an earlier date,,,,,can you help im using windows 7 starter

  4. I have this very same problem: “user Profile Service failed the logon; user profile cannot be loaded”. I am a totally ignorant with this sort of thing and don’t want to try the above instructions for fear I will delete everything on my computer!!! Can you recommedn a fix, I am willing to pay for
    Thank you

  5. doing a system restore on Windows RE works better, no need to tamper with registry.. works 98% of the time!

    @renee, you can pay me $35 for these.. πŸ˜€

  6. The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
    I tried following the step above but it’s not working, even the windows flying icon if I click on it there’s nothing in there. I need to see the start button to restore the program, any other wat of fixing this problem, I should have a different OS, vista is not good very complicated and slow one promise….

  7. I had similar problem.
    First logon using safe mode.
    Press the F8 key when you still have a b&w screen several times until the safe mode screen comes up. Go the the Start button and enter lusrmgr.msc in the search window at the bottom and run that program. Create a new user with admin rights and password.
    Log off and then logon to you new user.
    Create a restore point by coing to Control Panel:Recovery
    Press the start button and enter regedit in the search window and run the prgram.
    Look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windowsnt\currentversion\profilelist
    You will likely see an entry that has the same number but one has a BAK extension and one does not. Delete the one without the BAK extesion and then rename the BAK entry by removing the BAK at the end. This entry should be your user profile that is not working and you should be able to logon .

    If that does not work. You can either use the newly created restore point or copy your files to you new user profile.

    Hopefully this will work

  8. Jim UF-ENG’s solution worked perfectly. Thank you…

    To do an immediate backup I had to go to Control Panel->”Back up your computer” under “System and Security”

    The key is getting computer into safe mode.

  9. I am running a hp netbook and am having this same problem. Have tried the suggested method by Jim. Has anyone got any other suggestions please?? Is there no reset back to factory button or something externally, I dont mind losing data off the computer if needs be.


  10. Doing a system restore on Windows Recovery Environment fixes the problem all the time. Trust me, i am a computer tech phone support and it never failed me.

  11. Well let me help you all solving this problem
    it is very simple if you have another user created with admin rights try this
    run regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windowsnt\currentversion\profilelist
    and delete the sid# that represents your user account thats giving u problem. (hint use image path to guess the username for its sid)
    Once you find the sed delete the sid in right pane and go to users folder
    and rename the folder for username that was giving you problem and then try to log it.
    Wordup with that

  12. This happened to me once and the account does not log on everytime I reboot. But I was able to fix it. Here’s what I did:

    1. Created a temporary startup “crash” by holding down the power button while system is loading, forcing the Startup Repair to come.
    2. Startup Repair confirms a startup problem and asked if I want to restore the computer to an earlier Restore Point, I confirmed yes
    3. The account finally worked, but it would take several system reboots to finalize the solution.
    4. If the problem does not appear on next login, create a System Restore Point.

    … P.S.: Have you tried TuneUp Utilities 2011?

  13. And still windows if having problems with loading account…wow, even after a clean install without having done anything.
    Here is a fix if you have only one account: boot in safe mode and diable User Contol Account via regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
    Change the value of ‘EnableLUA’ to zero.
    Reboot and login normal, your profile might still not load, but atleast you get a temporaly one. Now you can make a new user.

  14. I deleted all the SIDs with the long names in the registry, and now every time I log in it logs me in as the default administrator account. When I create a new profile it doesn’t help, and it still logs me in as the default administrator account

  15. FIX: delete the file in c:usersdefaultlocalappdatamicrosofttempoaryinternetfilessqm
    create a temp directory in c:users added users to have full rights
    disable 2 AVG services in services and avg in startup
    logon to the new user
    turn the 2 avg services and avg startup item via msconfig
    ta friken da

  16. I see that this was a year ago….so here’s hoping I can still get to you and your expertise πŸ™‚ What if the account that I am trying to get back on, is my administrative account? Is there hope for me in this case?

  17. As one person noted:”Sadly there seems to be hidden information about the “fix it” manually
    that was not mentioned; unfortunately for me; as the absents of a “external HD to back up important
    emails, and files..along with important documents. I lost alot of important information with years of
    work and memories!

    Thank-you for uncleverly not noting this importancr of securing important documents!

  18. Thank you very much.After 3 days i have again computer in function,using your indications.IspasIon(2),Romania.20.03.2013

  19. The article does say “You may lose your data if you have not backed it up.” BUT I believe the writer could have emphasized this very important point allot more.

  20. I am not able to log in windows. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowsntcurrentversionprofilelist the SID with long numbers are missing. I have only S-1-5-18, and S-1-5-19 and S-1-5-20. can any one help.

  21. I need some helpI have this very same problem: “user Profile Service failed the logon; user profile e loaded”. I can even log on to get to internet plz help

  22. This worked well, I was not able to login on the server but since it was connected to domain did delete the profile folder and registry key as mentioned.

    Thank you very much.

  23. I have the same problem with loging on to a new profile, but i don’t have the BAK extension but is have a _classes extension. does any body have an answer to this one?? Thanks in front.

  24. hi i create the new user in server 2003 and mappes z: as user_profile/username folder and put data into this folder.after 2 3 days all data are gone and created new folders like my document, desktop, etc.
    so how can i recover those data?

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