Repair Windows User Profile data & settings with ReProfiler


  1. THis article’s link to downloading reprofiler’ seem broken as only after I Googled and got to the author’s site was I able to download the freeware (which by the way seems problematic at best to try and install, which I couldn’t even after I first installed/ran the prerequiste other software).

    For me at least, the zip folder when unzipped simply shows another zip folder and never does the unzipping reveal the unzipped contents.

    What a waste of time.

  2. I have re-confirmed that the Home Page link (see last line of post) to ReProfiler is working just fine! And the download too is in order. I wonder why it did not work for you.

  3. This is commonly known as craptastic information. looks like this app went down as soon as it went up.

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