1. wguru

    THis article’s link to downloading reprofiler’ seem broken as only after I Googled and got to the author’s site was I able to download the freeware (which by the way seems problematic at best to try and install, which I couldn’t even after I first installed/ran the prerequiste other software).

    For me at least, the zip folder when unzipped simply shows another zip folder and never does the unzipping reveal the unzipped contents.

    What a waste of time.

  2. I have re-confirmed that the Home Page link (see last line of post) to ReProfiler is working just fine! And the download too is in order. I wonder why it did not work for you.

  3. bill thompson

    This is commonly known as craptastic information. looks like this app went down as soon as it went up.

  4. Yes. Its down now. Will edit post. Thanks for the heads up on this.

  5. Robin

    Here is the good link for the software and the download ( botton of the page)


  6. Anteaus

    The article’s link is indeed incorrect. It points to some file upload host or other of unknown ownership. Be very careful of such unauthenticated downloads; they may contain MALWARE.

    ReProfiler is a well-established Sourceforge project. It can be downloaded from from http://sourceforge.net/projects/reprofiler or from the coder’s own site at http://iwrconsultancy.co.uk/reprofiler

    -Can the author please update the link?

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