ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in Google Chrome


  1. I kept receiving this message for about 2 weeks. It was driving me nuts. Then per chance, I needed to take care of something completely unrelated – This took me to the Windows Firewall page and I found my answer.

    I needed to stop Windows Firewall due to it conflicting with my WiFi Router’s hardware Firewall. I know that I am safe and I can finally go to my normal websites without seeing that horrid message! By the way, my WiFi Router’s Firewall is setup very tight and with security in mind.

    One of the big reason I honestly don’t like Automatic Updates with Windows is all of the changing of my own settings on my computer. Now, it doesn’t happen every time but often enough to upset me, especially when I am not sure what is going on with my computer.

    Overall I like Windows 10. Back in 2015 when it first came out – NO, I hated it. Then Microsoft did a major update in Nov. 2015 – I downloaded it in January 2016 and was greatly pleased. I felt like it was Windows 7 but updated. I had been using Windows 7 Pro. My new version was Windows 10 Pro and that was pleasing, also.

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