Ease Of Access settings in Windows 10

The Ease Of Access in Windows 10 lets you make your computer more accessible, based on your needs. You can change a lot of settings to make your PC work the way you want it to and can be useful to you if you are differently abled. In this post, we will learn about the accessibility options in Windows 10 via Ease of Access Center.

Windows 10 Ease Of Access

Every accessibility option is available in the Settings app. Pressing Win+I will take open the Settings app. Click on Ease of Access to get this window shown below, along with the various settings.

Windows 10 Ease Of Access

The available Ease of Access settings are:

  1. Display
  2. Cursor & Pointer
  3. Magnifier
  4. Color filters
  5. High Contrast
  6. Narrator
  7. Audio
  8. Closed captions
  9. Speech
  10. Keyboard
  11. Mouse
  12. Eye control.

We are briefly touching on some of the available settings. Do browse through all the tabs to get an idea of what all is available.

Narrator Settings

Under this tab, you can turn the Narrator On or Off. It includes several other options where you can adjust the narration controls like the pitch and speed, tasks you want to be narrated, sounds you want to hear like words/characters you type, etc. You can also choose your Narrator from Microsoft David (male voice) or Microsoft Zira (female voice).

Magnifier Settings

As the name implies, you can edit the Magnifier settings in this tab. Just turn the Magnifier On, and you will see a pop-up magnifier tab open which lets you magnify your screen as much as you can. You can also adjust the magnifier settings from the Settings button in the pop-up tab.

windows 10 ease of access 3

Clicking on ‘Fine tune what my screen fonts look like’ and ‘Control whether Magnifier starts when I sign in takes you the old classic Magnifier settings in Control Panel.

High Contrast

Here you can pick a new high-contrast theme for your PC if you want. You can select the options from the drop-down menu or can create your own high contrast theme by selecting the colors manually. If by any chance you don’t like the newly set theme contrast, you can go back to the default one by pressing Left Alt+ Left Shift+ Print Screen.

Closed Captions

Give your PC a personalized touch by selecting your caption color, transparency, style, size, and effects. You can also adjust the background and window settings here. If at any point you want to go back to the default settings, just scroll down and click on Restore to defaults.

Keyboard Settings

Turn your On-Screen keyboard, Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys and Filter Keys here. Other settings include underlining the Shortcuts and display a warning or making a sound when turning a setting On or Off using a shortcut. There is no specific change in the keyboard settings, and it works same as the previous versions of Windows. Read more about Windows Onscreen Keyboard Options and Settings.

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Mouse Settings

Select the Mouse Pointer size and color here. Also, you can turn on the Mouse Keys button to use the numeric keys to move the mouse around your screen. It is again the same as it was given in the previous versions of Windows. Read how to use the Windows computer without a keyboard or mouse.

Other Options

Other options include the Visual Options settings – Turn the buttons On to play the animations and Show Windows background.

You can also make the Notifications last longer by adjusting the Show notifications for the setting. Change the notification time from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. You can also control the thickness setting for your cursor.

One interesting setting here is that you can now control the visual notifications for sound. You can:

  1. Flash active title bar
  2. Flash active window
  3. Flash entire display
  4. None.

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Hope this helps.

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