CryptoMonitor: Free ransomware protection and prevention tool

Among the many tools cybercriminals use, to make money are Ransomware. Ransomware encrypts or locks down your computer so that you are not able to use it any longer. That is, until you pay to the cybercriminals who injected ransomware into your computer. At times, Ransomware cannot be detected by the average anti-malware software which we may have installed on our Windows 10/8.1 computer. That is why we need special programs for detecting, protecting and preventing ransomware from getting into our computers.

CryptoMonitor Free ransomware protection tool

Free ransomware protection tool

EasySync CryptoMonitor is one such free anti-ransomware software that claims to offer free ransomware protection. It is an easy to use program. It is installed easily, starts when you boot your computer and sits quietly – all the while, monitoring your computer for ransomware. Only the first time you run it, it takes a while to protect the installed applications.

CryptoMonitor will actually kill an encryption infection, blacklist it from running again, and notify you as soon as the infection starts.

The tool detects ransomware as soon as the latter tries to take over your computer. It then alerts you via email and removes ransomware in most cases. In some cases, where it cannot remove ransomware, it will lock down computer so that ransomware cannot take over until you get professional help.

Though ransomware says they will unlock or decrypt the computer after payment of ransom, it may or may not happen. The cybercriminals cannot be trusted and once they have the money, it would be difficult for you to contact them. They kind of use single use email IDs for payments through PayPal or one time bank accounts that are closed immediately after a payment comes in.

The most common technique used by ransomware is to quickly modify file formats so that they become inaccessible to you. There are two methods offered by CryptoMonitor to detect presence of ransomware on your computer. One is Entrap method and the other is Count Method. The Count Method is offered only for Pro versions, so we’ll skip that as we are focusing only on “free ransomware protection” in this article.

In the free version, the Entrap method is used for protection of computer against ransomware. This methods allows different files to be saved all over the hard disk as easy targets for ransomware. There is a constant communication among these files and a central engine that makes sure these files are safe. In case any file does not respond or detects any suspicious behaviour, it alerts the central engine that quickly locks down computer so that no other changes can be made to the computer. It then tries to isolate and eliminate the ransomware.

If ransomware comes as a malicious injected code, CryptoMonitor may remove that ransomware in the free version. However, in the free version, the program cannot remove ransomware, if it blends itself with a legitimate process such as SVCHOST. Even then, in case of not being able to remove the ransomware, you are still protected because the computer is locked down and no file modifications are possible. You can try troubleshooting or call a professional to remove the ransomware from your machine.

If you use this tool you will be alerted when a ransomware tries to take over your computer, and your system is locked down soon thereafter, so that the ransomware cannot take over the computer and its data, and hold you for ransom. If it can remove the ransomware, well and good. If it cannot, your data is still safe. All you need to do is to think of some method to eliminate ransomware. If you are a computer expert, you can probably clean it yourself or else you hire a professional who removes the ransomware so that your data files are not damaged.

In either case, your data is safe and that is what matters at the end of the day. You do not have to pay to the cybercriminals as CryptoMonitor – the free ransomware protection tool – will keep your data safe and may even remove ransomware from the computer in most cases.

EasySync CryptoMonitor download

You can download CryptoMonitor from its home page. UPDATE: CryptoMonitor has been taken over by Malwarebytes.

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  1. Or you can just back up up files on a regualr basis

  2. DutchPete

    You can still get caught it seems to me: as soon as you put the backed-up files back on the PC, the ransomware, which is still present on your PC will do its work

  3. dadwhiskers

    I know little about how ransomware installs on a system, but couldn’t software like DeepFreeze, TimeFreeze, RollBack RX etc. be used to protect the system from ransomware changes? Or does ransomware somehow bypass such virtualization software?

  4. Vince Thor

    Bitdefender software detects and blocks Cryptolocker from installing, for a thorough analysis of this malware please check article from the Bitdefender Labs page: (,
    ( & (

    Its Free of Cost, please check !!!!!!!

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