Create Mobile Hotspot; Change Hotspot Name & Password in Windows 10


  1. which version of Windows 10 has this feature?
    i’ve got Windows 10 Version 1511 [running on a Lenovo laptop w/ wireless connectivity] and i dont see the “Mobile hotspot” item.


  2. Anand, i just got Windows 10 Anniv update and now see the option. i checked it out and was able to connect my iPhone to my laptop via the Mobile Hotspot option.
    thx for the info!

  3. Doesn’t work for me. My devices can connect to the Mobile Hotspot created on Windows 10, but there isn’t any internet connectivity on the phone. WiFi on my Windows 10 work perfectly, so it isn’t an adapter/driver related issue. Have tried this on a brand new installation of Windows 10 and it is the same. Also tested on several Win 10 laptops (running latest 16299 build).

    I have tried creating a mobile hotspot off my Ethernet and WiFi NICs, neither work. I have also enabled internet sharing from both the Ethernet and WiFi NICs to the virtual WiFi Direct adapter created by the Mobile Hotspot. Still no internet on my phone.

    I have no problems using 3rd party solutions like OSToto Hotspot or whatever.

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