Chameleon Startup Manager: Disable, Remove, Manage, Add Startup Items

It happens quite often that you install a new software or application and forget to save certain settings, which in turn hampers the speed and memory usage of your system, to a great extent. And most importantly, this usage increases by manifold over a period of time. There are so many unnecessary applications, which start functioning, at the time of startup but with Chameleon Startup Manager you can control them, further increasing the performance of your operating system.


Chameleon Startup Manager

The Chameleon Startup Manager Lite helps accelerate the Windows startup by helping you manage and disable startup programs, as per your requirement. It gives you full control over selecting the programs, which should and should not be allowed to run automatically during startup, by customizing the settings. Chameleon Startup Manager also offers advanced configuration settings, wherein you can change the item settings and also add launch parameters, as per you requirement, as shown in the screen below:

chameleon-2 However, it doesn’t end there; it also gives a detailed description of every application. This can help you decide whether you want to retain the startup status or disable or remove it. There have been so many times, when I’ve ended up disabling an application, without knowing what it did. So, for me this description and the configuration options proved very helpful and make things so convenient.

Features of Chameleon Startup Manager Lite

  • With this Startup Manager, you can also simply disable the startup items, without having to remove them completely
  • You can view and access the entire list of running applications, along with the detailed extensive information about each program/application
  • Customize your startup profile, save it and load it anytime, as per your requirements
  • You can also save and open your desired configuration
  • Chameleon provides full Unicode support and support for themes as well
  • On selection of a startup item on the list, you can even open its location folder
  • Many system shortcuts can be accessed through this program like the Control Panel, services tool, Programs & features, etc.
  • Easy addition of startup items is possible through the drag/drop ability in the Windows Explorer
  • You can also open the startup folder, access the system Registry startup section from this application and for that you will need the regedit.exe or Win.Ini file.

Chameleon Startup Manager Lite provides full support for all Windows and has recently added support for Windows 8.1 too. Download this very helpful application here.

There also several good freeware like WinPatrol, CCleaner, MSConfig Cleanup Tool, Startup Guard, etc, that can help you manage your startup programs easily, and thereby make Windows start faster.

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  1. kywildcat

    Very helpful

  2. Bruce Baxter

    I have tested many startup managers and this is by far the best. Been using it for 2 years now

  3. I use Austlogic Disc DE-frag and the registry cleaner which I only run every 7th day, I have read however a registry cleaner is not needed

  4. Supreet Bhatia

    Thank you all for your feedback and inputs. 🙂

  5. Thanks Anand yes the link was of interest I’m obliged to you

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