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Memory Management Error 0x0000001A

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT 0x0000001A error on Windows 10

If your Windows PC crashes all of a sudden with a Blue Screen error message MEMORY_MANAGEMENT accompanied by Stop Code 0x0000001A, then chances are that its a hardware problem you have encountered. It can be either an issue with RAM or […]

windows update

Windows Update Offline Scan file ( download

The Windows Update Offline Scan file – is available for download at the Microsoft website. A version 2 of this file was released last year. As part of the shift, users need to update any scanning solution which makes […]

Chrome won’t Open or Launch

Fix Chrome won’t open or launch on Windows PC

If you are stuck because Google Chrome browser won’t open or launch or load web pages, then the chances are that either the Chrome files have been corrupted or some plugin is taking up a lot of resources. It may […]

Check Disk Space on remote computers

How to remotely check Disk Space on Windows computers

Many people tend to use multiple devices. This includes their smartphones, personal laptops, desktops in offices and homes. Even after a great cloud-based integration with the services like OneDrive, some simple things really need the physical presence of the user […]

Error 0x800f0900 on Windows 10

Fix Windows Update Error 0x800f0900 on Windows 10

When trying to update or upgrade Windows 10 using Windows Update, if you encounter an Error 0x800f0900, the problem is probably due to some corrupted files that are on your system. The chances are that the Windows Database may have been […]



If you are getting an error while Windows 10 upgrade which says  STOP 0XC000021A or STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATED, then its a security issue within the Windows. It is also possible that the system files have an issue, and they have been incorrectly modified. This does […]

NetFlix App not working in Windows 10

Fix Netflix app not working on Windows 10

While you can always stream Netflix videos using any browser, Windows 10 offers you a native app to watch videos.  Now it may so happen that while it works on the browser, the app doesn’t work. You may be receiving […]

Edit Registry for another User in Windows 10

How to edit Registry for another User in Windows 10

Have you ever pondered over the question of how to modify the Registry settings of other Users in Windows 10? Well, Window users can edit and make changes to the registry settings for only the user account that is currently […]

0x8007002C - 0x400D

We couldn’t install Windows 10 0x8007002C – 0x400D

When trying to install Windows 10 or upgrade Windows 10, you may get an error which says ‘We couldn’t install Windows 10, 0x8007002C-0x400D‘ with a detailed error message as ‘The installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT phase with an error during […]

Netwtw04.sys Blue Screen

Fix Netwtw04.sys Blue Screen on Windows 10

This post will help you if if you receive DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL or SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, Netwtw04.sys failed error in Windows 10. System files or .sys files are the essential part of the Windows operating […]

High CPU Usage By IAStorDataSvc on Windows 10

Fix High CPU usage by IAStorDataSvc on Windows 10

If you are facing high CPU usage by IAStorDataSvc on Windows 10, then it’s because of Intel Rapid Storage Technology. It appears as a Service which may result in not only high CPU usage but also high memory and disk usage, […]



UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION is a Stop Error on Windows 10 that indicates that the store component caught an unexpected exception. Now out of many potential causes, we have narrowed down to a few specific causes for this error. This can […]

Calibrate display for HDR video in Windows 10

How to Calibrate the display for HDR video in Windows 10

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technique used to create lifelike videos which have better dynamic range, especially when it comes to details. Windows 10 supports streaming high dynamic range (HDR) video, if the display supports it, and comes with the […]

Show Sender Pictures in Windows 10 Mail App messages

Windows 10 Mail App is designed to enable fast communication and allow you to focus on what’s important across all your accounts. The app, by default, displays a circle with sender initials or pictures just adjacent to an email message […]

GWXUX.EXE has stopped working in Windows 10

GWXUX has stopped working in Windows 10

GWXUX is a process that is responsible for downloading and installing updates for Windows 10. It is installed on to a computer via Windows Updates. That update is named as KB3035583. With this, the Get Windows 10 pop-ups are installed and then initiated by […]

Dolby Home Theater not working in Windows 10

Dolby Home Theater not working in Windows 10

Dolby Home Theater systems are the best way to get that movie theater experience when watching a film or whatever else. These devices are truly phenomenal, especially the ones that deliver 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. You might not have […]


Fix Windows 10 Update error code 0x80d02002

If there were problems installing a Feature or Windows Update with error code 0x80d02002 then this working solution will help you fix this problem for sure. Here, Windows 10 fails to install or upgrade because there is a problem with […]