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Taskbar has disappeared

Taskbar has disappeared from the Desktop in Windows 10

The Taskbar is an integral part of the Windows desktop. It has been there since the release of Windows 1.0. Microsoft has been modifying it with a new design and making it a home for new features like Task View, […]

best ram hardware

10 best RAM hardware modules for gaming on Windows PC

You can load apps in seconds and play games on your PC without experiencing a choppy performance by increasing the speed of your memory and installing more of it. So, upgrading your system’s RAM appears to be an easy cure […]

change folder background in Windows 10

How to change folder background in Windows 10

If you are looking for a way to change the folder background in File Explorer of Windows 10, then this shows you the easy way to do it. While Windows 10 allows you to choose the dark theme to add […]

How to use dual monitor with VMware virtual machine

VMware does not allow you to use more one monitor for any guest operating system. However, you can bypass this default setting and use dual monitor with VMware virtual machine. Irrespective of which OS you have installed in the virtual […]

How to enable Windows Sandbox in VMware Workstation

You can enable and use Windows Sandbox in VMware guest operating system running Windows 10. However, you cannot use a nested virtual machine on Windows unless you have and enable certain functionality related to your processor. That is the reason, […]

repair a corrupt Group Policy

How to repair a corrupt Group Policy in Windows 10

If the changes made by you using Group Policy Editor are not reflected on the client machine, and you receive errors that may point to the fact that your Windows system is not able to read Group Policy file (registry.pol), […]

Maintenance in progress

Maintenance in progress message in Windows 10 Action Center

Windows 10 Automatic Maintenance allows a user to be to be in complete control of maintenance activity. However, the responsiveness of an OS gets reduced during the process. And when you open the Action Centre, you may see ‘Maintenance in […]

VMware Workstation fails to enter Unity mode

VMware Workstation cannot enter Unity mode

If when you are trying to open the Unity mode in VMware Workstation, you see this message, then this post will help you troubleshoot the issue: The virtual machine cannot enter Unity mode because: The guest operating system does not […]