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Disable Charms Bar in Windows 8 with the Windows 8.1 upgrade

One of the unpopular features in Windows 8 was the appearance of the Charms Bar, every time your mouse moved to the upper-right or bottom-right corners. Although the feature in Windows 8 lets you quickly access settings and perform searches […]

What Is Online Reputation – Management And Tips

All of us know it takes much time to build a good reputation while one wrong act can ruin all of it. Your reputation is your goodwill – an asset that is calculated as well, when you are estimating your […]

multiple URL's

Create & share single URL to open multiple links

While searching for an information on the web you often browse through various websites and find that the information you require is scattered on multiple sources. Now, in order to extract the information you have to make a note of […]

Disable Firefox Health Report feature in Windows 10/8/7

Mozilla Firefox browser adds new options, including a new Firefox Health Report feature. The feature, at its core, provides Mozilla with information about the system, browser’s performance and stability over time. Mozilla uses the aggregated, anonymous data generated by Health […]

Infographic: Microsoft Intern Experience

Under challenging job seeking conditions, internship process, even today, ranks as the safest way to separate you from the crowd of over educated but unemployed people. It gives you an experience that you can never get in a classroom. You […]

How To Avoid NSA PRISM – Tips To Stay Private

Though we have many articles on how to stay private on the Internet, it seems the NSA PRISM has shed water on all that. Of course, those articles will help you stay private – your ISPs and Data Centers won’t […]

NSA PRISM and ICMS: Did Uncle Sam Create a Big Brother?

It came as a shock to many that the US is spying on different countries – their phone calls, emails and other forms of communications – including social networks. Since the issue came into light, the US National Security Agency (NSA), […]

New Accessories for Xbox One

Microsoft already revealed the launch details, pricing and reserve program for its highly anticipated gaming system – Xbox One. The new generation device is built for the 21st century living room and gets along with it a new era of […]

Xbox One – New Features, Price, Release Date, Games

Announced on May 21, the successor of Xbox 360, Xbox One will be out in November 2013. At the E3 electronic entertainment trade show in Los Angeles, Microsoft has unveiled some games and information about the new Xbox One console. It is […]

Windows 8

iPad vs Windows 8 tablet – A comparison

iPad came at a time when it had no real competition. It had the first-mover advantage. backed with the brand equity which Apple commanded, it created a revolution of sorts. To flaunt and iPad was ‘in’. It did little more […]

Decrap My Computer – Bloatware & Crapware Remover

When you buy a new Laptop or Desktop it comes with a lot of pre-installed software which may or may not be required by you. These are commonly known as bloatware or crapware. Most of the time bloatware can cause […]

Back up & Restore Boot Sector & MBR with HDHacker

Most of us are aware that he Master Boot Record (MBR) is a special type of boot sector, placed at the beginning of the storage device, that tells your computer what to do when it starts. It contains important boot […]