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Giveaway: uRexSoft iPhone Pack for Windows computer

If you are an iPhone user, then this giveaway is for you! uRexSoft the developers of the iPhone Pack, have offered us 10 licenses, to be given away for free, to the users of The Windows Club. The iPhone Pack […]

Customize Windows 7 with Ultimate Windows Customizer

Regular readers of The Windows Club, may be familiar with our several Windows freeware releases. The one common thing among them all was that they were all small portable apps which did not require an install. But this one is […]

WebReader: Stylish Free Desktop RSS Reader Software for Windows

Google Reader is a very popular free RSS Reader web application that keeps its users informed about the latest on our favorite website. It is a Web-based aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline. If you are looking […]

Remove Photo Blemishes, Defects, Red eye with free tools

How often has it happened that we click photographs and then feel the need to remove some blemishes or pimple or defects or maybe reduce the red-eye effect.  You can always use Photoshop or some other digital image editing software. But today I […]

ExifTool: Read, Write, Edit Meta information

I was searching for a good EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) tool to view a complete meta information for jpeg pictures after long search I found this nice little application “ExifTool” a pearl based command line application which gives us […]

Download Tiles from Stardock for free

Stardock has released a cool new desktop app called Tiles.  Tiles is a Windows Desktop Navigation Utility to manage running apps and windows, with a skinnable interface including a Metro skin. Customization enthusiasts may already be aware of Fences, which let Windows […]

Create Virtual Desktops in Windows with Sysinternals Desktops

One feature of Linux that you may have liked that is you can switch between different virtual desktops. You can do so for Windows by using a free program named ‘Desktops’. Desktops from SysInternals, creates four virtual desktops. Plus you […]

Microsoft releases two Abstract themes for Windows 7

If you get bored with displaying the same wallpapers fast, and feel inclined to try out something new, now and then, head over to the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery to download these two new Abstract themes from Microsoft. Abstract Dark […]

Giveaway: 20 licenses of Audials MovieBox

We are pleased to inform you that the developers of Audials Moviebox have offered 20 license keys free for a  giveaway at The Windows Club. Audials MovieBox is the least expensive software to archive purchased DVD movies and to convert movies and programs […]

Download Waterfalls theme for Windows 7

You may have noticed that Microsoft has been releasing themes for Windows 7 with more frequency these days. This could probably be due to the fact that they have now invited folks to submit their creations too to the Windows Personalization […]

KeyMusic: Create music as you type on your computer keyboard

When you are typing something on your Windows PC, sometimes you might just want to be entertained too. Try KeyMusic. It is a free tool which plays different musical instruments when you press your keyboard keys. You can switch between […]