Top 10 free First Person Shooter games for Windows 10

First Person Shooter games have ruled the market since the very beginning. Rather, its share in the market was such that more than half of the games manufactured were FPS ones. Though game publishers are exploring more segments now, the sheen of FPS games will never reduce.

First Person Shooter games for Windows 10

Here is a list of top free FPS games for Windows 10 available at the Windows Store.

Modern Combat Versus:

First Person Shooter games for Windows 10

A former leader in mobile devices, Modern Combat Versus, is available for PC’s too. This multiplayer game allows gamers to choose their role as either of the 13 specialized agents. The game allows players to form clans and align themselves with teams, after that battling on either of the five different maps. To encourage players, the game has specialized tournaments, trophies and a chance to rise to higher leagues. Sounds interesting? Go get the game from here.



Yup, it’s that same old Wolf we 90’s kids played back as children. Now available in the store, the concept is the same and so are the gaming options. The only changes are with the graphics and sound effects. Download this classic from the Microsoft Store here.

Last Hope – Zombie Sniper 3D:

When I first played Last Hope – Zombie Sniper 3D, the different experience was with the gun control. Unlike with most other FPS games, the sniper rifle isn’t stable at a point, and it’s momentum adds to the difficulty while targeting. However, that isn’t the only USP in the game. The landscapes are amazing, ranging from deserts to soccer fields to villages to the wild. The arenas are mostly wastelands. Get this amazing game for free from Microsoft’s store.

Modern Combat 5:

eSports FPS: When I first played the game, I was surprised that it was free, for it had so much to offer. With nine customizable classes and ten playstyles, Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS is a pretty heavy game. Definitely not for kids, the game manufacturers mark the game for adults (17+), and the rating is justified for the violence involved in the gameplay. The game could be played both as a single player and in multiplayer mode. If you like it, then download it from Microsoft’s store here.

Dead Zombie Call: Trigger the Shooter Duty 5:

The 5th version in the series, Dead Zombie Call: Trigger the Shooter Duty 5 is much of an improvement over it, predecessors. The story was set in 1945, perhaps to relate it to the second world war. The dead soldiers have turned into zombies, and now they form a different class of enemy. The main player can keep different types of guns and shoot his/her way to success. The tough part about the game is that your allies turn into enemies (the zombies) as and when they die. So, as you keep losing the game, your enemy keeps getting stronger. This wonderful game is available on the app store here.

Cold Planet Z:

Not for the faint-hearted, the character of the game is left on some Mars-like cold planet. With all his allies dead and their guts lying on the floor, he remains alone to seek revenge for them. The game has a much-needed rating of 17+ for the extreme violence it depicts. If you have a tough heart, go grab it from the Microsoft store here.

Sniper Hunting: Wild Seasons:

While hunting is banned across most of the globe, it doesn’t mean people don’t want to do it. Sniper Hunting: Wild Seasons bring the game of poaching to the computer, so players could experience hunting without actually killing any animal. The gameplay takes you to the African Savannah where you could hunt animals and dinosaurs with a sniper. However, the animals try to escape the second they see you targeting them. Thus, the job has to be done quickly. Get this amazing game from the Microsoft store.

Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill:

The interesting thing about Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill is the player assumes the character of a villain, not a hero. He is a hired assassin who is assigned tasks to kill in five missions. He moves around with his high-precision sniper. The fact that the character has limited ammunition and is surrounded by enemies all around. Find it interesting? Then download it from the Microsoft store here.

Samurai Temple Strikes:

Samurai Temple Strikes

My list would be incomplete if I didn’t add a Japanese game. So the story is that your Temple has been occupied by monsters and immortal samurais and it’s your duty to take it back. The gun has a short range, and the enemies are way too many. To enjoy this amazing game, download it from here.

American Sniper Fury Gun Shooting Assassin Free Game:

American Sniper Fury Gun Shooting Assassin Free Game

Every American’s worst fear is a terrorist attack on their country, and American Sniper Fury Gun Shooting Assassin Free Game is exactly about the same. Now assuming such a thing happens to the main character’s city, the gameplay involves killing those terrorists and saving the city. A comparatively fast game, American Sniper Fury Gun Shooting Assassin Free Game is available on the Microsoft for free here.

Your favorites?

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